Chef Raymond Yeung Joins New World Manila Bay As Executive Chinese Chef


July 5, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Chef Raymond Yeung joins the New World Manila Bay Hotel family as Executive Chinese Chef of Li Li.

Hailing from Hong Kong, Chef Raymond’s colourful career spans 27 years in the hospitality industry. The chef has worked in prestigious hotels and properties in Asia, mostly in Chef Raymond’s home country, Hong Kong, honing skills in traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Prior to joining New World Manila Bay Hotel, Chef Raymond was the executive chef of Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas, and previously worked at The Reverie Saigon, often preparing dishes for the Chinese Embassy and the President of Vietnam.

With a strong background in Cantonese cuisine, Chef Raymond won the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic Gold Award in 2009. The chef’s approach to the craft through the application of traditional cooking techniques in modern Cantonese cuisine reflects a style that creates a rich identity for Li Li.

“My passion for my craft helps me express my creative side in the kitchen. Developing new dishes, experimenting with unique flavors, utilizing unconventional ingredients and creating visually stimulating presentations help me bring my own personality into Li Li through the authentic and unique characteristic of each dish,” said Chef Raymond.

As the Executive Chinese Chef for Li Li, Chef Raymond will ensure that the restaurant’s quality and standards are maintained by overseeing the consistent implementation of the approved menu and training the culinary team in the preparation and presentation of each and every dish.


For more information and reservations, please contact the hotel directly at telephone +63 2 252 6888, email or visit

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