Creating New Moments With Nespresso


September 21, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Inspired by the annual international culinary event The Grand Gelinaz Shuffle, L’innovation de Nespresso brings a new twist to the restaurant experience by literally switching it up!


In an exciting dining event, Nespresso brings together the collective talents of some of the best chefs in the Philippines. For one night only, two chefs will leave the comfort of their own kitchens and take over the other’s restaurant. As they make the switch, each guest chef must create a new, exciting dinner menu, inspired by the other’s restaurant menu and concept. The delicious five-course menu aims to delight and inspire diners, with at least one dish infused with the coffee goodness and flavourful aromas of Nespresso. 

On September 12, Margarita Forés of Grace Park takes over the kitchen of Nicco Santos of Hey Handsome, whipping up memorable plates for the palate. Her farm-to-table approach to cooking and expertise in Italian cuisine find new inspiration in the Southeast Asian-Peranakan kitchen of Nicco in BGC. Nicco Santos, who is adept to weaving colorful flavors into a dish, cheerfully takes on the challenge. 


Chef Margarita elaborates on the momentous evening: It’s a real welcome challenge for me-- to be able to create food in someone else’s kitchen and with somebody else’s statement on food creation.  I do love the fact that Hey Handsome is the one we are being paired with.  I love that their flavours and their concept are very unique.  I love the vibrancy of their flavors.  I love the fact that I’m being asked to create food with that kind of inspiration to drive me.


Menu Curated by Margarita Forés

9.jpgGrace Park Meatballs (Sambal Assam, Buah Keluak, Wilted Squash Blossoms and Mascarpone)

10.jpgNespresso Roma and Davao Chocolate Lamb Shank (Guava Jelly, Garlic Butter Pili Adlai)

11.jpgPhilippine Seabass Sinigang Miso (Tamarind Paste, Inasal heirloom vegetables and Lemongrass Rice)


Smoked Coconut Panna Cotta (Iloilo Pulot, Pandan Jelly, Latik Crumble and Charcoal Meringue)

13.jpgRoast Duck (Carrot Chico, Cointreau, Chico Duck Jus)


“Nespresso, as a leader in coffee, is founded on passion and innovation. We don’t want to give you just great coffee, we want you to have your own extraordinary moments. This is what we wanted to achieve through this unique event. These amazing chefs embody boldness and excellence, the very qualities this brand values,” shares Melissa Valdez, Marketing Head of Novateur, the exclusive distributor of Nespresso in the Philippines.