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Adventure Crimson Resort Launches New Saturday Dining Experiences

Crimson Resort Launches New Saturday Dining Experiences

Crimson Resort Launches New Saturday Dining Experiences
By Philippine Tatler
January 14, 2020
Be in for a surprise, a tasty one, every Saturday with Saffron Cafés rotating Saturday themed dinner. Four new dining experiences will satiate your palates for seafood, barbecue, Mediterranean and hawker food

The first Saturday of the month is for Barbecue under the stars, a local and international favourite, this special themed dinner features hot off the grill specialties. Enjoy the breeze of the ocean bringing hints of the spices and herbs from hearty meats, kebabs and seafood. Everyone will have their fill for the night with an abundant selection of salads, sides and dessert to satisfy everyone’s preference.


For those who like street food, Hawker food night that will feature the best street food selection all in one place. Asian street food specialties from Japan, Korea, and the Philippines are on the table. Some South American variety are also available to complete the selection including the resort’s popular paella.

For seafood lovers, the Bounty of the Sea will be a sure favorite. Fresh local catch of fish, crabs, prawns and shell fish abound. There are action stations to see the chefs prepare the food and create dishes according to preference as well as signature dishes that are must try.

A Taste of Mediterranean gives guests some of the most familiar flavours and selection. You can’t miss the fish in lemon oil or the garlic butter prawns. The menu also includes Turkish lamb meatballs, chicken confit and escalope of pork.

For entertainment, enjoy superb Filipino talents with live acoustic band performance.

“Our goal is to always provide our guests with experiences they will immensely enjoy and give them a variety of dining options that we feel will make their stay here in Crimson even more memorable” shares Andrew Simpson, Executive Chef of Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan. “Dining with different themes every weekend will be something our customers will look forward to” he adds.

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