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Adventure Dining Update: Paradise Dynasty Introduces New Dine-in Health Protocols This August 2020

Dining Update: Paradise Dynasty Introduces New Dine-in Health Protocols This August 2020

Dining Update: Paradise Dynasty Introduces New Dine-in Health Protocols This August 2020
By Tatler Philippines
July 29, 2020
These days, most of us are stuck at home and working from there too. But there are times when we just need to take a break. The mall is a great choice since it’s they have taken on all the necessary health protocol measures to ensure we are safe. If you happen to have a hankering for Chinese cuisine, there’s always Paradise Dynasty.

One can expect some new-normal changes when eating at Paradise Dynasty. Unlike before when casual dining was nearly effortless, there are now certain protocols that we must follow when wanting to indulge in restaurant cuisine. The brand is committed to maintaining their delicious food while following strict health and safety standards, as observed in its exemplary sanitation procedures.

Even before stepping foot inside the restaurant, there are certain guidelines that must be adhered to, one of which is a mandatory temperature check. For the prevention of virus spread, only those who are wearing face masks and have a temperature below 37.5 degrees will be allowed inside the premises.

Diners will be asked to have their temperature taken by a hands-free thermal scanner and also fill out a health declaration form that contains the essential contact tracing information.

Expect to see hands-free automatic alcohol dispensers and disinfection mats at the front of the restaurant and in all its branches. When there’s an available table, you’ll be guided to your seat by their friendly staff who are all well-equipped with protective gear. Once seated, you’ll notice that the restaurant has limited capacity and has a fixed seating arrangement per table so that physical distancing practices can be observed and diners will feel nothing but comfortable while eating. All tables are also provided with a QR code where diners can access the restaurants full menu. You can also digitally view order slips where you can pick your preferred dishes. 

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As you await your order, you’ll see firsthand how the restaurant's staff carefully sets up your table—from the dinnerware to the cutleries. Just be careful with touching your utensils as they come straight from the dish steriliser–piping hot. With this extra step, you’ll be sure to have peace of mind every time you eat here.

Aside from the contactless and safe dining experience, another benefit when dining at Paradise Dynasty is the access to the full menu. Available only through dine-in, you can order the eight-flavoured Xiao Long Bao and its one-of-a-kind Charcoal Custard Bun to satisfy your dim sum cravings! All their Szechuan dishes have a rich mix of rich, spicy and savoury flavours, which keep diners coming back for more. There’s no need to travel far to enjoy an authentic Chinese meal!


Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao
Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao
Charcoal Custard Bun
Charcoal Custard Bun
Crispy Fried Crystal Prawn tossed with Salted Egg Yolk
Crispy Fried Crystal Prawn tossed with Salted Egg Yolk

After a hearty lunch, you’ll be given a contactless payment option to settle your bill. Rest assured that all pieces of furniture will be wiped down and prepared for future guests.

Just like dine-in clients, those who only plan to grab food to-go will also have a contactless experience. They will be given access to the QR code menu and order slip. For their take-out convenience, Paradise Dynasty’s menu offerings are also available via GrabFood and Foodpanda. There is a designated area for pick-up and deliveries where riders and to-go customers can also use the available alcohol for additional sanitation.

With all these precautionary measures, you won’t hesitate to make your way to this world-renowned restaurant that’s famous for juicy, delicious soup dumplings. So, sit back, relax, and feel comfortable in knowing that Paradise Dynasty has gone above and beyond in order to invest in your safety and ensure a pleasant dining experience for everyone.

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