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Digest Enjoy A Chilled Coupe Of Moët & Chandon In Lusso, At A Price You Will Love

Enjoy A Chilled Coupe Of Moët & Chandon In Lusso, At A Price You Will Love

Enjoy A Chilled Coupe Of Moët & Chandon In Lusso, At A Price You Will Love
By Marco Rodriguez
February 17, 2020
Exciting times are certainly afoot at Greenbelt 3. The aim of having Moët Chandon within reach to enjoy at a moment’s notice couldn’t be more enticing.

Mondays to many is high time to dive back into work leaving a full weekend’s recreation & frolic behind. The week couldn’t have gotten off to a better start than with an afternoon of champagne at Margarita Fores’ restaurant Lusso where she offers a gorgeous menu of Moet Chandon.

Large wine glasses were laid out on the table as they captured liquid luxury in the form of ultra-chilled Moët Chandon. Luca Galli, a former lawyer from Parma in Northern Italy and now account manager for Moët Hennessy Philippines was happy to announce the partnership between the lauded Italian-trained Filipino chef’s restaurant and the globally famous brand synonymous with champagne which had everyone brimming with excitement. Boasting an outdoor bar ready to serve your bottle on ice or dish out bubbly by the glass (and not just a flute, mind you), your next call for sundown drinks might never be the same. 

Servings of Lusso favorites such as Luxe fries (with asiago, champagne cream, & lumpfish caviar), asparagus straws, & salmon tartare with spinach gnocco made their rounds before being swiftly dispatched by willing guests. These were washed down in between bites with sips of fruity Brut Imperial. However, it was the Luxe “Mac & Cheese” with pancetta & formaggio trio which got Chef Margarita most excited. She wished to highlight the versatility of the luxurious beverage to not only elevate one’s meal but also pair with the most familiar of comfort foods. Not only did it bring harmony to the palate but had people devouring multiple ramekins at this delightful discovery.

Head over to Lusso where that buzz of elegance along with your meal might spell nothing short of exhilarating. 




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