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DigestEvoking Easter: Tablescapes Inspired By Nature’s Bounty And A Nostalgic Return Of Floral Prints

Evoking Easter: Tablescapes Inspired By Nature’s Bounty And A Nostalgic Return Of Floral Prints

Evoking Easter: Tablescapes Inspired By Nature’s Bounty And A Nostalgic Return Of Floral Prints
By Mandy Allen
April 12, 2019
This Easter we’re in the mood for something old, something new, something crafty, something we grew… Compelled by the natural bounty of the garden and the nostalgic return of timeworn floral prints, these freshly picked ideas are sure to inspire

Easter may hold a different significance for each of us, but its themes of rebirth, renewal, nature, and the continuity of life remain reasons to celebrate.

The special holiday is also an opportune time to unleash your creativity. Having a go at whimsical craft projects, setting a beautiful brunch table, or even updating the look of your spaces to reflect the changing of the seasons can all be enjoyable endeavours.

Increasingly, we find ourselves drawn to the idea of enjoying what we have, paying homage to the past and choosing to make small, meaningful gestures rather than grand artifice. In the home, this translates into using the ‘best’ for every day, finding beauty in imperfection, embracing a mix-and-match approach, establishing a layered, nostalgic mood, and celebrating a style that is personal, colourful, and playful.

1/8Egg Hunt

• This sun-dappled tabletop is an artful composition of real blooms and those printed on fabric, handmade crafts in the shape of decorated Easter eggs, homeware with a vintage vibe, as well as natural textures.

• Aside from being perfect for containing decorated Easter eggs discovered on the traditional hunt, a vintage basket creates a mood of pastoral charm when filled with wild flowers.

2/8Basket Case

Bird’s nests are little treasures of construction and look wonderfully whimsical when used with decorated Easter eggs.


• Store-bought bird’s nests are sometimes available from craft and florist suppliers. Weave in natural touches such as moss, birch, or pussy willow branches to make them look more realistic, or add colour with dyed twine or string.

• If you can get hold of them, duck or quail eggs are a lovely substitute for hen’s eggs with their varying sizes and gorgeous shells that vary in colour from soft sage to chalky blue and creamy white. Or replicate their hues with diluted food dye or artist’s ink. Leave some plain to show off their beauty and decorate others with abstract paint strokes and artfully naïve flowers.

3/8Tweet Dreams

Something handmade, by you of course, is always a delightful talking point for observant visitors.


• Make colour photocopies of your favourite antique-inspired floral fabrics, then use the paper to create silhouettes of chicks—and other cute creatures—and display as fanciful temporary decorations.

• Your silhouette shapes can be placed inside a glass picture frame to overlap a larger image (in this case a vintage floral print) for a layered, interactive appearance. Or, stick the floral photocopied paper onto construction board before cutting out your silhouette shapes, and use double-sided tape or sticky putty to adhere them onto a wall, door, or window.

4/8Hi, Tea!

What’s lilac, layered, and yummy all over? The perfect vanilla sponge cake smothered in pastel buttercream that stars as the centrepiece for an Easter high tea. Be textile tactile and bedeck your table with a layering of colour, materials, and prints.

Elevate the charm factor with a mismatched assortment of teacups and saucers, milk jugs, sugar bowls, cake plates, and a vintage cake stand. Pretty spring blooms are a non-negotiable.


• Dyed and decorated Easter eggs look compelling in faux bird nests made from natural straw. Display a nest—filled with sweets—as an evocative cake topper and nestle it on top of a base of edible flowers.

• No time (or desire) to bake? Head to the confectionery or neighbourhood pastry shop for a simple iced cake and make it look homemade with edible flowers, candy eggs, and chocolate shards. We won’t tell if you don’t!

5/8Garden Party

A meal al fresco is an old-school indulgence. A table that is set with pretty accoutrements and Easter goodies will encourage brunches that extend well into the afternoon.


• There is a long tradition of using floral-printed fabrics in interiors. That’s right, chintz, we’re looking at you! Flowery fabrics are comfortable in the lap of nature. For outdoor dining, consider a floral fabric with an oilcloth finish to repel any wine or food stains.

• For some contemporary allure, set vintage-inspired traditional floral prints against a rustic backdrop and combine eclectic decorative elements from varying eras and styles.

• Clear glass vessels, gold-plated flatware, and vintage crockery set alongside more roughly-textured objects, such as woven baskets, results in a complementary contrast of materials and helps reflect the sunlight.

6/8Glass Act

Repurpose an antique sugar cup as a planter for striking blooms, in this case a mini-phalaenopsis orchid.


• The arrangement becomes a pretty visual treat when surrounded by decorated eggs set on a vintage side plate.

• Get creative with eggs. Submerge hardboiled eggs in diluted green dye and allow to dr y. Make a sugar syrup, dip the tops of the eggs, then roll in jelly powder. The wet sugar syrup and dry powder will create a textured finish. Alter natively, neatly paint your eggs and pattern with sparkly rhinestone.

7/8Rainbow Connection

An intricate decorative scenario will always put a smile on the face of your guests. Here, a decorated Easter egg set in its own nest and with a fragrant sprig from the garden exists simply to deliver a sense of delight.


• Scour flea markets and bazaars for pretty plates and other crockery to build up a collection of mix-and-match tableware.

• You might not be able to eat it, but this hand-decorated Easter egg looks pretty delicious. Paint a hard boiled or blown out egg in soothing watercolours to achieve a marbled effect and dry.

8/8Birds of Paradise

Nostalgia never gets old and, this season, figurines are flocking back into the home… Cut a trail through the forest (in other words, your favourite vintage stores) for decorative inspiration and keep a sharp eye out for objects that will infuse your tablescapes with whimsy and character.




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