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Drinks For Chivas Regal, Success Is A Blend Achieved Through Determination and Resilience

For Chivas Regal, Success Is A Blend Achieved Through Determination and Resilience

For Chivas Regal, Success Is A Blend Achieved Through Determination and Resilience
By Franz Sorilla IV
By Franz Sorilla IV
October 29, 2019
Pioneer in the blended Scotch whisky industry, Chivas Regal, introduced its latest global campaign titled as "Success is a Blend", in celebration of its founders' philosophy that reflects as well in the Filipino culture

For James and John Chivas (the founding brothers of the acclaimed Scotch brand), blended is better in life and in Scotch. Chivas Regal has recently defined success as overcoming obstacles and hardships with a positive attitude⁠—and conquering triumphantly. Filipinos share the same outlook as they find determination and resilience as key attitudes in achieving their goals in life.

"Chivas believes that the Filipinos' unique blend of traits and circumstances make our stories of success more powerful. We want to express this extraordinary resilience across our platforms, and inspire others to continue making their own blend of success," says Tony Atayde, Head of Marketing for Pernod Ricard Philippines which distributes Chivas Regal. "And along the way, celebrate their small and big steps with this perfect combination of the world's finest malt and grain whiskies."

To bring the campaign to life, and to root it in the Filipino context, Chivas Regal Philippines introduced twins Richard and Raymond Gutierrez as its newest brand ambassadors. Scions of celebrity parents who have lived their lives under the spotlight, each of the brothers have paved their own way within and beyond the showbiz industry, and made a name for themselves in their own right.

One of the country’s most established actors of his generation, Richard has starred in numerous blockbuster films and top-rated TV shows, becoming a household name in the process. The father of two is not only multi-talented, but multi-faceted as well – venturing into underwater fine art photography, a skill he has honed since before his acting debut. With his first photo exhibit set for 2020, the motorbike enthusiast has shown his talent doesn’t rest just in one art form.

When it comes to knowing who’s who and who’s next, Raymond Gutierrez has it in the bag. An events and TV host, and a mainstay at all of Manila’s hottest parties, Mond amazed everyone with his fitness transformation, showing how far dedication and determination can take you. As one of the country’s most influential personalities in wellness, events and entertainment, he has perfected the blends of both his worlds, without any compromise.


“We’re so excited to have Richard and Raymond with us in Chivas Regal Philippines,” adds Atayde. “They may be identical twins, but they each have very unique paths to success. Their stories are personifications of what Success Is A Blend is all about.”

As Chivas shows in each bottle of specially crafted whisky, success is a blend, in life and most especially in Scotch.




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