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DigestFive Lent-Friendly Meals You Should Try

Five Lent-Friendly Meals You Should Try

Five Lent-Friendly Meals You Should Try
By Dorynna Untivero
By Dorynna Untivero
April 17, 2019
If you're a fervent observer of Holy Week fasting or simply looking to switch up your diet with healthier alternatives to red meat, we've got the list for you! Scroll through to find our what dishes you can indulge in this week without breaking away from Lent tradition:

1/5Go Fish!

A big misconception when it comes to giving up red meat is that you'll end up with meals that lack protein — this couldn't be less true! When finding alternatives to red meat , an easy gateway protein can be salmon. With its natural rich flavour and meaty texture, there's a lot of varieties to explore. It can be eaten sashimi-style, grilled, baked (lemon-butter, anyone?), and even broiled — the options can be endless.

When discovering several ways to cook salmon, try different combinations of sweet and acidity: honey and lime, miso and butter, brown sugar and soy... the list goes on! Explore more kinds of fish, especially local ones like tilapia, milkfish, yellowtail tuna, or mackarel — you might not miss pork or beef so soon!

2/5Get grain-y!

Grains — a lot of them are incredibly rich in protein, like chickpeas, lentils, or tofu. If you're craving meatballs, a good alternative could be falafel, which is not only incredibly flavourful but also filling. You can even create your own at home and explore how to make hummus on the side. Enjoy more grains on your salads as well. Due to their richness in fibre, you'll soon realize that they make you full faster. 

3/5Indulge in some noodles

In Filipino dining, we often enjoy our meat viands with rice or bread. This might be a good time to explore noodle dishes, both seafood and vegetable based. Have your fill of the Filipino classic, palabok, or some Vietnamese pho— both of which pack a lot of flavour without the help of pork or beef broths!

4/5Explore vegetable-based soups

Squash, mushroom, lentil, tomato — there's a lot of different soups to try this week. Make sure you get the most our of your vegetables by relying on their natural flavours instead of adding MSG. Explore different spices and textures to mix it up! 

5/5Eggs, eggs, eggs!

Eggs can be an underrated ingredient. It's usually eaten over breakfast, when in fact it's an incredibly flexible component! Try exploring different ways to serve it: eggs benedict, deviled eggs, poached, boiled, or a classic sunny-side up. Often considered a side dish or add-on, eggs usually take the backseat when it comes to flavour profiles. There's a lot of ways to make it your main ingredient and various spices it can actually mesh well with.

For more dining suggestions and updates, keep coming back to this space! 




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