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Spotlight Fresh Food Matters to Chef Margarita Forés

Fresh Food Matters to Chef Margarita Forés

Fresh Food Matters to Chef Margarita Forés
By Jeanna Lanting
By Jeanna Lanting
July 16, 2019
Tatler Focus
Asia’s Best Female Chef of 2016 shares why it’s important to preserve each ingredient’s freshness and just how to do it

Chef Margarita Forés' knowledge of food flavour and quality came from a four-month long immersion she had in Italy years back. It was there where she learned various food preparation techniques and developed an understanding for Italian ingredients through shopping in local markets. Upon returning to the Philippines, she realised that there were nuances in each ingredient despite them being supposedly the same. Tomatoes, for one, are much more red here in the Philippines compared to the pink hues of Italy’s. This is because here, tomatoes are often used to inject a sour taste in the food it is used in.

This proved to Forés that location is an important aspect of food quality—where and how one sources their ingredients contributes to the overall outcome of a dish. To reconcile what’s on hand with her culinary vision, Forés became even more creative and resourceful in her craft and gave Italian flavours a Filipino twist. “My philosophy has always been to highlight the best of the Philippines with the best of the world,” she shares.

Forés opted to use organic produce in her restaurants for better and healthier ingredients. “There’s a certain benefit that comes to you that may not be measured in peso, but it can enhance your brand and make people feel like they’re getting the better product,” she says. To keep each ingredient in its ideal condition, proper care is necessary. This required a storage system that is able to maintain a dry atmosphere with little to no humidity for things like meat and fish, while also providing the opposite for greens and salads. The answer lied in refrigeration brand Sub-Zero.

Just like Forés, Sub-Zero understands the importance of keeping food fresh. Dual refrigeration allows one to ensure that food is preserved in its best condition with separate compressors and evaporators for the freezer and refrigerator. "In the end, your dish is only as good as the ingredients you start with. It's all about not compromising and taking the extra mile." Knowing that the brand is equally committed to maintaining the quality of her ingredients, Forés feels confident that her delicious and healthy dishes are nothing short of best.

A "Fresh Food Matters" Video by Sub-Zero Philippines featuring Margarita Forés - Chef, Restaurateur, and Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016

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