Hits from the kitchen: Cédric Grolet on music and food


August 10, 2018 | BY Relaxnews

As various tracks vie for the title of song of the summer, we go into the kitchens of some of France's top food personalities to find out how music inspires their culinary creations. What are the musical ingredients that inspire them? Renowned pastry chef, Cédric Grolet, who counts over a million followers on Instagram for his artistic edible creations, tells us how he's influenced by a range of artists including Ed Sheeran, Edith Piaf and Katy Perry.

What song or artist gives you an energy boost in the kitchen?

Cédric Grolet: "Nevermind" by Dennis Lloyd.

What track do you like to listen to when cooking at home on a Sunday?

"Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran.

What song or musical genre perfectly sums up your cooking?

"La vie en rose" by Edith Piaf

What is your most rock 'n' roll dish or dessert?

The Rubik's Cube cake.


In your opinion, what's your biggest culinary hit?

The Noisette [a trompe l'oeil dessert that looks like a gilded hazelnut with chocolate, praline, hazelnut cream, and caramel]

What ingredient would you feature in your cooking as a guest star to create a new recipe around?

A pepper with some fruits.

Is there an artist who came to your restaurant and made a lasting impression?

Katy Perry.

Which artist would you like to cook for or do a duet with?


What are you listening to on repeat at the moment?

"Nevermind" by Dennis Lloyd, as it happens.



Cover Photo: Cédric Grolet has been the pastry chef at Le Meurice since 2011 © Pierre Monetta