"Hungry With Chef JP" Launches Season Two on CNN Philippines


May 19, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

This season has a special angle, it zeroes in on local artisans and Filipinos who have one-of-a-kind lifestyles. Get excited and be sure to tune in to CNN Philippines!


Our Generation T member, chef JP Anglo launches the second season of his culinary-lifestyle documentary TV show, “Hungry with Chef JP” on CNN Philippines.

“The show is more than a show, it’s a journey that we document." - JP Anglo

Hungry season two opens with Chef JP in Real, Quezon. Here, he scouts and tests out the surf spots and then whips up a meal to remember with the locals. In every episode you will find Chef JP around the country, seeing him develops true bonds with the people he encounters.

This passion project of his is a dream come true for JP. This season has a special angle; it zeroes in on local artisans and Filipinos who have one-of-a-kind lifestyles. 


Armie Jarin-Bennett, President of CNN Philippines

Bacolod-bred JP Anglo has a love for food that runs through in veins – having grown up with a foodie family,  exposed to the restaurant industry since the beginning. 

The hit show explores the beauty of our country and its rich cultural background. Chef JP travels the Philippines to learn, cook, immerse himself in local traditions, and to scout out the best, unique surf spots.

After hanging out with the locals, Chef JP then interprets these classic age-old dishes. He puts his own spin, making them more contemporary. JP loves that the show, which combines his favourite things in life, food and surfing, is also a constant learning experience.

Travelling the country, meeting new people, has opened his eyes to the colourful stories behind these indigenous dishes and has taught him how to utilise local ingredients in brand new ways.


upload-Chef-JP-Anglo-and-CNN-Philippines-President-Armie-Jarin-Bennett.jpgChef JP and Armie Jarin-Bennett



“I love to show these communities we visit that they can elevate their food -- that with their local market, their resources, they can create amazing things. I want people in these small towns to be encouraged to think outside the box.” - JP Anglo 

Get excited and be sure to tune in to CNN Philippines!

Catch Hungry with Chef JP every Saturday, 7:30 p.m. starting May 20 on CNN Philippines Free TV Channel 9 or livestream on cnnphilippines.com/video.

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