In Pursuit of Pleasure


March 16, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Hedonist Spirits founder Jean-Marc Larhantec visits Manila to launch the unique cognac and ginger liqueur in the country, which provides a fresh new taste of pleasure.

Its name literally means ‘a man who is in pursuit of pleasure and/or sensual self-indulgence’ and indeed, this new brand’s distinct flavour quenches the thirst for such gratification. Founded by Jean-Marc Larhantec, Hedonist was born in 2012 in the AOC region of Cognac in France. It is a 29° super premium blend of cognac and natural ginger infused with a hint of Madagascar vanilla. It is easy to drink as neat and complements well with other spirits if crafting a cocktail.

“Every night is a hedonist journey,” says Larhantec. “It is a lifestyle, a vision. A quest for pleasure.”

The cognac is a blend of 35 eaux-de-vies from Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne, and Borderies. Ginger roots from Madagascar are cooked with sugar grapes and infused in a cognac. The filtered, ginger-infused cognac is then infused again with vanilla pods. The mixture is finished in cognac XO bottles for four to five months before it’s bottled and sold. 

Hedonist’s unique flavour and delightful drinking experience makes it a great and easy alternative and complement to current premium drinks like Vodka or Champagne. You may even have a glass of this with either bourbon, aperol spritz, or even just sparkling water with lime juice. The low strength of the alcohol combined with the innovative taste and flavour of the lightly bitter ginger and spicy-sweet hints of vanilla, allow it to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, chilled, in a cocktail, or as a long drink.

The budding brand has already landed a Top 3 spot in the Best New Products category at the 2012 Cocktails Spirits Paris and was well received by bartenders and mixologists in its recent launch in Manila. Now, it is available as well in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Hedonist is distributed locally by AWC Philippines

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