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Digest Kam's Roast: A Taste of Hong Kong

Kam's Roast: A Taste of Hong Kong

Kam's Roast: A Taste of Hong Kong
By Marga Manlapig
May 11, 2018
Local diners are in for a treat as Michelin-starred Hong Kong favourite Kam’s Roast opens its doors in Manila

For fans of Cantonese siu mei (roasted meats), a taste of such classics as roast duck and crunchy-skinned suckling pig will no longer involve hopping onto a flight to Hong Kong as internationally-renowned Kam’s Roast has finally made its way to the Philippines.

A brand with virtually 75 years’ worth of culinary heritage, Michelin-starred Kam’s Roast is the brainchild of third-generation restaurateur Hardy Kam Shun-yuen whose grandfather founded the legendary Yung Kee Restaurant in Hong Kong’s Central district. Serving up an excellent selection of siu mei that includes an exquisite duck roast that takes two days to prepare and toro [pork belly] char siu that virtually melts in one’s mouth, it would not be a surprise if local diners queued up in droves in front of the restaurant.

Kam’s Roast is the most recent feather in the cap for FOODEE Global Concepts, the company responsible for bringing in some of the world’s best restaurants to the Philippines in recent years, including Tim Ho Wan, Todd English Food Hall, and Llaollao among others.

“Our goal, quite literally, is to give Filipinos as taste of the most delectable flavours from around the world,” says FOODEE COO Eric Dee. “We’re proud to add Kam’s Roast to our mix of dining concepts and look forward to giving Filipinos more options that will delight their discerning palates.”

Located on the 3rd Floor of the SM Mega Fashion Hall in Ortigas, Kam’s Roast opens its doors to the public on 15 May


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