Keeping It Cool


August 9, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

Chill your drinks like you’ve never chilled them before.

Who knew ice could be so fun? Make your homemade beverages and cocktails stand out by taking things to the next level...with ice. Yes that’s right.

Use ice cubes to make your drinks that much more appealing both to the eyes and the mouth. Who knew that something as mundane as ice can be both visually and gastronomically interesting?

Here are 6 ways to keep your drinks cool and current:


Throw some rosemary, basil or mint into the water of your ice trays and freeze away. Pop these herb infused ice cubes into water for a light fragrant drink, or into juices, teas and cocktails to add a twist.

Frozen fruit

Try freezing grapes or any watery fruit for that matter, and using them in lieu of ice. Feeze the actual fruit (do not place them into water and then create an ice cube) and toss them into any beverage. They also act as natural popsicles and are excellent refreshing treats. Frozen fruit will also give a tinge of flavour to your water or drink.



Peppercorn or chili ice – for a daring touch, spice up your drink by adding some chili or peppercorns into your ice cubes.

Freeze the drink


If you are serving coffee, iced tea or lemonade, or any drink you chose to prepare, use the same mixture and pour that into your ice tray. Use these ice cubes, made from the exact same drink, instead of regular plain old water and your drink will never be diluted and watered down.


Slice up some lemons or limes, even oranges and freeze them into the ice cubes. This is another simple way of infusing your water or cocktails with a nice summer, refreshing pop.


If you have edible flowers, then definitely try using these for ice cubes that are meant to be inside of your drinks, however floating petals might be a tad bit cumbersome. Freezing flowers into ice cubes does however, provide the most beautiful detail to an ice bucket. Next time you are popping a bottle of champagne or chilling some beers and sodas, try this trick and surprise your guests with a vibrant cooler.  


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