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Digest Ladurée To Launch Vegan Macarons In Paris

Ladurée To Launch Vegan Macarons In Paris

Ladurée To Launch Vegan Macarons In Paris
By Relaxnews
March 12, 2020
Ladurée has made tweaks to its traditional recipe to launch a vegan version of its signature macarons in Paris

Starting this week, Ladurée shops across the French capital will offer two flavors of plant-based macarons: Peruvian chocolate made with 70 percent cacao and coconut caramel. 

A mix of millet, almond and hazelnut milks replaced cream and butter to create a vegan-friendly ganache for the chocolate macaron. 

To create a butter substitute for the caramel coconut macarons, pastry chefs emulsified a mix of coconut oil, sunflower oil and soy milk.  


Ladurée's coconut caramel vegan macaron
Ladurée's coconut caramel vegan macaron

Alongside macarons, other plant-based menu offerings will be added in the coming months, including vegan pastries and cakes and savory items. 

Paris follows the lead set by its Beverly Hills outpost, which is 100 percent vegan. Overseen by chef Matthew Kenney, macarons are egg-free; pastries and croissants made without butter, omelets made with egg substitutes and croque-monsieur sandwiches made without cheese. 

The vegan macarons launch in Paris March 12.  


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