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Adventure Lulu and Hooch: Stirring Up Some Noise

Lulu and Hooch: Stirring Up Some Noise

Lulu and Hooch: Stirring Up Some Noise
By Philippine Tatler
November 01, 2014
Tucked away from the congested streets of Ayala and Makati Avenue, LULU and its conjoined twin, Hooch sit in the cosy neighbourhood of Salcedo where the eclectic space is creating quite a buzz in the metro.

Known for its fine dining, Lulu has a vast menu conceptualized by renowned Chef Tom Hines. From tender US Angus steaks to a variety of seafood dishes, one thing is never overlooked: quality. And for the quality Lulu brings to the table, each dish promises value for your money.

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The beauty of Lulu is that despite cooking with international standards, ingredients are sourced locally from fishermen, farmers and cooperatives alike. Another advocacy the three chef-owners (Tom Hines, Icy Marin͂as and Chandra Mercado) have fervently held on to is sustainable development, using only line-caught fish, organic and free-range chicken and locally grown herbs and vegetables. Lulu also boasts its seafood fare, fresh and sustainably caught, including Salmon Gravlax, Bouillabaisse Seafood Stew, Whole Roasted Red Snapper and Risotto Nero.

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Next door, Hooch stays true to its moonshine name. A speakeasy with an old world feel, the atmosphere is an intoxicating blend of leather, antiques and wooden finishes in subdued hues. And again, quality is still a reverberating concept within Lulu and Hooch’s glass walls. While Lulu presents gourmet food cooked in a contemporary style, Hooch offers gourmet comfort food inspired by European fare.

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Not one mediocre spirit in sight, the bar prides itself in crafting cocktails many would consider artisanal. Taking mixology up a notch, the bar is known to create 104 distinct signature cocktails a year including enticing names such as Between the Sheets, Bee Sting, Dark and Stormy and Dixie Sour. Each craft cocktail made with an elite tier of liquor along with homemade syrups and garnishes sourced from natural ingredients. Resident mixologist Anthony White merges local and traditional elements to concoct modern day alchemy, going as far as integrating dehydrated fruits, cotton candy and even liquid nitrogen in Hooch’s unique drinks. Hooch is not limited to an alcove to pass the traffic or cap off the night; it encourages interaction between the medley of guests and of course, the people behind the bar.

Just a few days shy of Hallows Eve, Lulu and Hooch officially opened their doors as main stays in the intimate setting of Salcedo Village, Makati. Instantly attracting a crowd of regulars since their move from Rockwell, the restaurant and bar continue to evolve in their craft and gain a larger following with their successful equation of quality and sustainability.


Written by Beatrice Celdran

G/F 125 V Corporate Center, L.P. Leviste, Street Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati +63927.375.9467




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