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Digest M Bakery Introduces More Filipino Ingredients Into Its Summer Menu

M Bakery Introduces More Filipino Ingredients Into Its Summer Menu

M Bakery Introduces More Filipino Ingredients Into Its Summer Menu
By Ryanne Co
February 26, 2020
Summer in Manila has never been as sweet

I first came across Magnolia Bakery, not in the soulful enclave of New York’s West Village, but rather, in the busy commercial hallways of the gigantic Dubai Mall. Three years later, I came across them again this time in Taguig, by the corner of 5th Avenue and 28th Street. 

Celebrated worldwide, but known as a New York favourite, Magnolia Bakery, known as M Bakery locally, has become a BGC staple within its first two years — and unsurprisingly so. Infused with the tradition of rich American baking, M Bakery has not only brought international favourites onto its glass displays, they have also introduced local specialties to cater to the Filipino appetite. This summer, three new ingredients have made their way into their mixing bowls: mango, Chocnut, and calamansi. 

Never to be left out, M Bakery has created a new dessert that puts Filipino mangoes at the forefront — and rightfully so. Our national fruit has inspired M Bakery to create the mango jamboree. Made with a pecan shortbread crust, layers of cream cheese and whipped cream filling are topped with a generous helping of ripe, yellow mangoes. 

The calamansi has also been reintroduced to M Bakery’s summer menu, adding a tangy twist to both cupcakes and muffins. The calamansi cupcake is injected with rich calamansi filling and topped with a dollop of meringue icing. The muffin, a little more relaxed, is created with butter-based batter, a pinch of calamansi zest, and a squeeze of fresh calamansi juice — perfect to pair with freshly brewed coffee. 

Your favourite childhood treat has also found its way into M Bakery via their Chocnut cupcake. A burst of nutty goodness, the Chocnut cupcake is your childhood reinvented. Topped with Chocnut buttercream and chunks of Chocnut bars, this cupcake has also been filled with Chocnut spread. 

M Bakery has also introduced additional treats that include milkshakes and the option to serve brownies and pies a la mode. 

Its cake-inspired milkshakes are a sweet indulgence. The red velvet milkshake and carrot cake milkshake are both made from a mixture of their respective cake base, vanilla ice cream, milk and various fixings. The red velvet milkshake includes red velvet crumbs and dark chocolate curls while the carrot cake milkshake contains walnuts, raisins, and carrot cake crumbs. 

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