Madrid Fusion Day 3: 9 Foodie Finds


April 9, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Find out what 9 dishes you should have tried during Madrid Fusion Manila's last regional lunch, featuring: corn!

The regional lunch of Day 3 of Madrid Fusion Manila, was themed: corn. Using another staple ingredient very popular around the Philippines, skilled local chefs cooked up dishes to showcase the diverse ways of preparing corn.

Booths from a plethora of restaurants lined the walls of the venue, all of which paid tribute to corn and elevated our local cuisine. Alternatively, in the middle of the room, the department of tourism set up classic, traditional Filipino fare, complete with ethnic decorations to help showcase our Filipino heritage.

Each day of this 3-day culinary expo, our local chefs did not fail to make us extremely proud. The cuisine, flavours and talent of the Philippines were front and centre during the regional lunch.

Margarita Fores: Meat

margarita-fores.jpgPurple corn ukoy, seared bagaybay with chorizo cream from chef Fores of Grace Park, Alta, Lusso and Cibo. 

Margarita Fores: Seafood

margariat-fores-2.jpgCorn piadina, sauteed river prawns, crab head cream suace with candied calamansi by chef Fores of Grace Park, Alta, Lusso and Cibo. 

Miguel Vargas & Justin Golangco

bucky.jpgCorn soft serve ice cream by Bucky's

Tina Legarda: Salad 

tina-legarda-1.jpgTindahan ni Maria salad of pechay with chorizo charred corn, kesong puti, tuyo pineapple vinaigrette and pork skin crumbs by Bamba Bistro

Tina Legarda: Meat

tine-legarda-2.jpgPili rubbed pork rib on steamed corn and coconut rice with pomelo sambal, wansoy gremolata and fried coconut by Bamba Bistro

Alec Santos 

alec-santos.jpgBraised goat kaldereta with fresh corn polenta and gremolata by chef Santos of Belle and Dragon, and 2nd's Restaurant

Edgar Sanuy 

edgar-sanuy.jpgSweet corn creamy broth with homemade Spanish chorizo with crsipy corn tortilla, chives and olive oil by La Lola Group

Mark Tan

mark-tan.jpgHatcho miso fermented purple corn with pork jowl confit by Hibana

Homegrown Organics 

homegrown-organics-.jpgFresh purple corn bread