Madrid Fusion Manila 2017: 7 Foodie Finds


April 6, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Check out the highlights from Madrid Fusion Manila 2017's Filipino regional lunch: featuring Luzon, Rice.

Madrid Fusion Manila 2017: A gastronomic, culinary experience that connects international chefs, and highlights international cultures by educating the public about the power and beauty of food.

Today kicks of the start of Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 at the SMX convention centre, April 6-8. Hordes of chefs, foodies, restaurateurs, fans and friends made their way through the many different events: the expo, talks by both local and foreign chefs, and the regional lunch. 

The support, excitement, and passion were palpable. The beauty of food is that it is something that truly brings people together. The perfect blend of flavours, textures and temperatures can dramatically change the way we feel, making or breaking our day. A meal unites friends and strangers alike, and is a unique glance into a culture.

At Madrid Fusion, our local chefs were making the rest of us Filipinos extremely proud. The cuisine, flavours and talent of the Philippines were front and centre during the regional lunch. Today, the theme was: Luzon, Rice. Dishes highlighted a Filipino staple (rice) in incredibly inventive and mouth-watering ways. Booths from a plethora of restaurants lined the walls of the venue, all of which paid tribute to rice and elevated our local cuisine. Alternatively, in the middle of the room, the department of tourism set up classic, traditional Filipino fare, complete with ethnic decorations to help showcase our Filipino heritage.

Here is a look at some of today's highlights:

The Test Kitchen

ox-tail.jpgOx tail with onion mouse and fermented black rice


arancini.jpgRoasted vegetable black rice arancini with coconut cream and seafood ragout


pepita.jpgPepita's filipino paella and variety of her sought after lechons.

The Smoking Joint

smoked-goat.jpgWild rice smoked goat BBQ

 The DOT showcase 

dot-final.jpg The Department of Tourism organized an elaborate spread of traditonal Filipino foods highlighting our bright and intricate local flavours.

Happy Concept Group

happy-3.jpgHappy Concept group prepared a trio of mini tacos on black rice tortillas: tuna tataki with calamansi-labuyo aji and pink guava salsa, pit roasted cebu lechon with chico de gallo and picked blooms, bulalo carne asada with tostadong 'utak', and ube repolyo at ginataang santol. 

 Shortcrust Pastry 

bf-lady.jpgA wide variety of decadent and delicate pastries to please your palete! 

Madrid Fusion Manila is held at the SMX Convention Center, from April 6 to 8, 2017. To know more about Madrid Fusion Manila 2017, please feel free to follow Philippine Tatler Dining on Instagram: @tatlerdiningph | To stay updated with the latest foodie news, watch this space.