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Adventure Marriott Café Gives More Reasons for Families To Bond

Marriott Café Gives More Reasons for Families To Bond

Marriott Café Gives More Reasons for Families To Bond
By Philippine Tatler
July 02, 2018
With added buffet stations and an expansive a la carte menu, Marriott Cafe gives us more reasons to come back time and again!

Just when you think buffet dining is already excessively satisfying, Marriott Hotel Manila further expands its weekend buffet at their all-day dining restaurant, Marriott Cafe. What you see isn’t all that you will get from their spread. Their Executive Chef Meik Brammer says, “We want to mix things up because buffet can get too familiar. Our two new concepts is a total experience that has chef-guest interactions, and of course, premium choices added at a reasonable price.” For Php 2,550 per person only, this is a better way to splurge at the end of the week and have your cravings satisfied for days.


Added stations in the buffet

To creatively expand their buffet, huge barrels are added to contain more and new seafood selections. Called Barrels of the Sea, this seafood extravaganza is sailing every Friday and Saturday nights. Chef Meik Brammer adds, “We want to maximize the space in Marriott Café without having to break walls, yet bringing our guests the complete concept of ocean-to-plate experience.”

Revel over an assortment of local fish like lapu-lapu, apahap and talakitok. Next to it are overflowing barrels of live crabs and squids. Read through the labels on the barrels for their chef’s recommendation on how to cook it, either grilled, fried, steamed or sauced up.

Gambas lovers will surely enjoy the huge servings of Tiger Prawns that goes with any of their dip choices like roasted garlic, cilantro pesto, herb butter, smokey pepper and lime butter. Of course, Filipino shellfish favourites are present such as clams and mussels. By the salad bar is another Filipino native dish, Kilawin bar. You can freely combine your seafood of choice, add as much salsa and dressing you desire.

Buffet + A la Carte in One Price

Sunday Brunch at Marriott Café has become a popular dining weekend treat for families because of the expansive buffet that both adults and kids could enjoy. Now, Marriott elevates this dining experience with four specialty dishes added on top of the already lavish buffet display. Isn’t that a total treat – buffet plus a 4-course meal? Absolutely, yes!

Just the inclusion of Goose Liver, favorably known as foie gras, makes this indeed a luxury offer. Their Seared Goose Liver is adorned with brioche toast and chutney using strawberries from Benguet. Then, there’s a meat lover’s dream – U.S. Certified Beef Tenderloin, perfectly roasted to medium rare. Adding more flavor to it are the black truffle mushroom ragout and burgundy sauce.

An abundance of seafood already welcomes you at Marriott Café, but their addition is a great catch – Atlantic Cod Fillet. The “chicken of the sea” is very lean with low fat content; Marriott’s take is slow cooked and placed it on top of savory mix of crushed edamame and miso butter emulsion. And lastly, but never the least, a mouthwatering slice of Lava Cake using Maracaibo chocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Slice through and get rich melted chocolate to ooze out.

Sunday Brunch starts at 11:30am to 3pm, an ample quality time for family and friends to savor a bounty of good food.

Again, these are just new supplemental choices on Marriott’s buffet. You can still expect a bounty from fresh salads, sustainable seafood – raw and cooked to your liking, huge slab of prime rib-eye steak, international cuisines from Japanese to Chinese to Western, and of course Filipino, grilling section for any meat of your choice, overflowing dessert selections, and the list goes on and on.

What’s even more awesome is that children ages 5 and below eat free, while 6 to 12 years old are half the price. Whether you are celebrating an occasion or just looking for a weekend treat, Marriott Café will surely not disappoint any cravings you may have.

For inquiries and reservations, call (02) 9889999 or visit To keep up on the hotel’s latest offerings, follow @manilamarriott on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.




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