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DrinksMartell Brings Two New Cognacs Into the Philippine Market

Martell Brings Two New Cognacs Into the Philippine Market

Martell Brings Two New Cognacs Into the Philippine Market
By Marga Manlapig
November 28, 2018
The renowned French distillery introduces a pair of new spirits that reflect the evolving tastes of the changing times

Martell has long been known as one of the world's leading cognac distilleries, one with a history that dates back to 1715 when Jersey-born merchant Jean Martell opened the doors of what started out as a trading establishment in Gatebourse, Cognac. Today, it continues to maintain its edge in an increasingly competitive beverage industry by way of constant research and innovation in terms of aroma and flavour while adhering to exceptionally high standards of quality.


Last 15 November at the Versus Barcade at Uptown Parade, BGC, Martell brand ambassador Jean-Baptiste Gourvil was in the country to present the the distillery's newest creations: two distinctive cognacs that reflect the brand's quality-driven approach to craft exceptional spirits.

The new Martell VSOP Aged in Red Barrels is a modernised take on the classic Martell Medallion which will discontinue production by next year. Aged in red wood barrels, the new VSOP is a distinctively balanced spirit characterised by dark fruit and spice in the palate, and a hint of warm sandalwood in the nose.


The pale golden Martell VS Single Distillery (VSSD), on the other hand, is lighter on the palate with touches of candied citrus and dried apricot, and a floral aroma with nuances of clover honey. This makes the VSSD an excellent spirit for cocktails like an orange peel-infused Sidecar or a more refined take on the classic Mint Julep.




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