Meet The Chef: Chef Matthew Crabbe


September 27, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Get to know the man behind the fine grub at Ruby Jack's!


When was Ruby Jack's established?

Ruby Jack's Tokyo opened its doors in April 2014 and Manila followed suit in August 2015.


What influenced you to become part of the culinary world?

Accident really, I wasn't the studious type and just wanted to get out into the workforce, I'd always liked cooking and thought it might be fun. Being competitive by nature I strived to my fullest, luckily I enjoyed what I was doing!

RUBY JACK Ribeye.jpg

What is Ruby Jack's pitch all about? What was your basis or inspiration for creating Ruby Jack's menu? How has it evolved?

Ruby's is all about simply prepared produce with a contemporary twist. Being a steakhouse, the meats are carefully selected and prepared to perfection including our in house dry aged cuts. Desserts are fun and delicate, perfect for that special occasion. Diners can enjoy the freshly prepared cuisine in a very comfortable, friendly yet professional atmosphere. 

Beverages are of a very high level, the cocktails are all freshly prepared and the wines cater to the most discerning critics. 

RUBY JACKCeasar Salad.jpg

Ruby Jack's is suitable for all occasions and great value for money!

My partners and I wanted to establish a steakhouse our style, that's why we founded the brand and set the standards. We evolve in the way of new menu items however we pride ourselves on the standards that we endeavor to keep and surpass on a daily basis. The wine list is in constant change.

 RUBY JACK-Tomahawk.jpg

Will the Ruby Jack's menu see any new seasonal updates this quarter?

Yes, as we have just added and subtracted menu items now we will be doing the same very soon, oh and there's the Christmas and new year surprise menus as well. RUBY JACK-083_edited.jpg

What is your personal favourite dish on the menu and the wine (or cocktail) you pair with it?

It's hard to choose just on! I do love the dry aged beef, the taste is sublime and paired with "our" mashed potatoes or lobster mac 'n cheese it's just fantastic. But our new smoked lamb chop is sublime. Oh and the the olive oil cake.... With the beef, I do love a good red, maybe the Rockford Basket Press Shiraz from the Barrossa, and with the dessert 10 year aged Don Papa Rum on ice....

Matthew Crabbe_IMG01.jpg

Do you have any projects (dinners) or collaborations you are working on?

Yes in Manila we have a few ideas, stay tuned.... Matthew Crabbe_IMG02.jpg

What would you like to tell people when they are eating your food? 

Please enjoy what Ruby Jack's has to offer, I am sure that you will not be disappointed.