Meet The Chef: Roberto Kunitz


August 17, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Meet the man behind Radisson Blu's Feria Restaurant

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What inspires you both in the kitchen and out? 

Well first of all you need to walk around with open senses to get inspired this can be everywhere at home when my wife cooks Filipino food on the wet market in other restaurants surfing in social media during a workout in conversation with colleagues or guests there are a lot of chances to take for inspiration. You need to be driven to continuously improve yourself and the team around you. 


What do you cook for yourself when you are at home?

German bratwurst (the original imported) sauerkraut and mashed potato. It’s the current favourite of my daughter and wife.


What are your favourite ingredients? 

Oh this depends on the region let’s say in the Philippines I love the Tablea and seafood from the southern parts, the sea salt from Pampanga, I like very much the vegetables, coffee beans and strawberries from Baguio.

In Germany, my homeland, I like the potato, cabbage, berries, game, the non-pasteurized milk and cheese for sample.


What would you like to tell people when they are eating your food? 

Nope I don’t cook everything by myself is a whole team effort starting from sourcing and purchasing trough storage and preparation together with my talented culinary team. Respect what Mother Earth provides us every day! Feria.jpg

Feria | Radisson Blu

What challenges have you encountered in the F&B industry that has made an impact on you? 

Hospitality industry is a tough business since ever considering only the time you spend at work and the sacrifice that comes with it in your social life. You have to love it 100% to be successful or leave it completely, and you need to update yourself all the time as many new trendy restaurants are open with new talented chef’s to keep your market share and do not lose track on what your clients expect from you when dining in your venue. The best sample is social media in those times guests are posting comments on your food faster on social media before even talking to an associate in your restaurant.

Since I reached 40 I discovered CrossFit for myself and eat as healthy as possible to stay fit and ahead of the physical and mental challenges that brings this industry with it.


Who is your ideal person to cook for? Why?

I like people who appreciate the natural taste of a well grown ingredient. Someone who is not exposed to artificial taste like those chicken powders, unfortunately many people including children nowadays do not really know how a real carrot tastes like once cooked. Apart from that I like to cook for my six year old daughter as she is straight forward with her food critique.

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Do you have any other projects you are working on? 

Currently we want to establish our 5-star offsite catering service to the upscale market here in Cebu. We recently catered a celebrity wedding reception serving an elegant 5-course plated diner which impressed all 600 guests.


Do you have a favourite food or type of food that you like to eat?

As I am travelling for a long time now I always want to try the authentic local food of my current residence no matter if at work or on holiday.


To know more, you can visit Feria at the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu, Sergio Osmeña Blvd. cor. Luna Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines | +6332 402 9900 |

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