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AdventureNew Eiffel Tower dining options unveiled

New Eiffel Tower dining options unveiled

New Eiffel Tower dining options unveiled
By Relaxnews
March 13, 2019
The Iron Lady's new food offering was unveiled Tuesday, March 12, bringing local produce from the Ile-de-France region to its brasserie, two sittings to its "Jules Verne" gastronomic restaurant -- not to mention a breakfast option -- as well as sweet and savory food counters.

What if the Eiffel Tower's six million annual visitors also came to the Paris landmark for its food? 

The Eiffel Tower's "Ducasse" era is now officially over. For a year and a half, architecture firms and major chefs have been working on developing a new food concept to bring the Iron Lady into the era of star gastronomy. So say the architect Aline Asmar d'Amman and chef at the triple-Michelin-starred Pré Catelan, Frédéric Anton, who developed the menu for the monument's "Jules Verne" restaurant, launching from the end of May. Bookings are already open. 

The gastronomic, fine dining restaurant will be open for dinner from 6pm. Diners can expect to pay €190 for the five-course menu or €230 for the seven-course menu. At lunchtime, the menu will offer three courses for €130, not including drinks. The "Jules Verne" also plans to open from 7:30am for breakfast, but only for customers who book in advance. This service will commence in September.

In terms of food, Frédéric Anton will revisit the classics of French cuisine while also bringing his culinary signature to the menu.

Made in Île-de-France

The Eiffel Tower's brasserie concept was developed by chef Thierry Marx, who counts two Michelin stars. Coming in February 2020, the Brasserie will use locally-sourced ingredients in a cuisine promising "no clash between tradition and innovation," the chef explains. He continues: "we will offer the major classics from the brasserie world, roast poultry with button mushrooms, soft-boiled egg, tarte tatin, French toast with roast apples."

Still located on the first floor, this two-story restaurant promises superb views over the Paris rooftops to all customers, without exception. It will be open all day, from the monument's opening, for breakfast through to afternoon snacks and after-work trade. At this level, diners can eat for less than €30, while a more elaborate lunch menu will be available from €42. 

The Eiffel Tower's updated food offering also extends to takeaway options. As well as the first-floor "Bistro" proposing from December 2019 sandwiches during the day and sit-down meals in the evening, sweet and savory "Comptoir" stands on the second floor will serve items including Lenôtre macarons. 

Finally, those heading to the top floor (276 meters above ground) can take in the breathtaking view, a glass of champagne in hand, thanks to a bar that will also propose pairings with caviar. 


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