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Adventure Nikkei’s Ode to Hamachi & Nikkei Nama’s Opening on Rada

Nikkei’s Ode to Hamachi & Nikkei Nama’s Opening on Rada

Nikkei’s Ode to Hamachi & Nikkei Nama’s Opening on Rada
By Philippine Tatler
October 30, 2019
Leave it to Nikkei to keep things fresh

Last year, Manila’s top restaurant for Peruvian-Japanese deliciousness put up Nikkei Nama, a playful Pan-Asian spin on its original concept. With experimental cocktails, signature Chinese-Peruvian rice bowls, and warm, woodsy design, it’s become a favourite with the lunch and after-hours crowds in BGC.

It wasn’t long before a new Nama brought its cleverly concocted menu and easy vibe to Rada Street. Opening on November 12, Nikkei Nama’s Legazpi Village branch offers its celebrated bites and booze to bustling Makati diners.

At Nikkei Rockwell, it’s business as usual where serving a memorable mouthful is concerned. The restaurant prepares a four-course Hamachi Zukushi dinner on November 21. Pairing each course with a premium wine, the restaurant puts prized Japanese yellowtail in the spotlight, from crowd-pleasing sashimi to kama (hamachi collar), touted as the best part of the fish. Unique satisfaction awaits in each course much like each visit to Nikkei—a drinking and dining experience that doesn’t at all feel routine.

Visit the new Nikkei Nama at Frabelle Business Center, 111 Rada Street, Legazpi Village, Makati. Reservations for the Hamachi Zukushi dinner at Nikkei Rockwell on November 16 can be made via (0916) 636-9817.




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