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Drinks Philippine Company, Emperador Inc., Dominates Mexican Brandy Market

Philippine Company, Emperador Inc., Dominates Mexican Brandy Market

Philippine Company, Emperador Inc., Dominates Mexican Brandy Market
The Casa Pedro Domencq distillery in Mexico (Photo: Megaworld)
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
August 18, 2020
The taste of the Philippines has reached the shores of Mexico — and needless to say, it has become a hit

Tequila or brandy? In Mexico, the debate is far from over. While the country is known worldwide for its citizens' love of tequila, a newcomer has arrived ready to challenge the status quo. And who could it be than one of our very own, Emperador Inc? The local distillery, which exports their products worldwide, is best known for its rich amber-coloured brandy that's become a staple to nights out and dinners at home. 

In 2017, the company had taken over Casa Pedro Domecq, a leading brand in Mexican wines and liquors. Now a subsidiary of Emperador Inc., Casa Pedro Domecq has taken over 57 per cent of the brandy market share in Mexico. In a country with a growing preference for brandy (over tequila), this is a major milestone. Currently, Casa Pedro Domecq sells three major brands: Presidente, Don Pedro, and Aztec de Oro. In a matter of speaking, these three form a triumvirate of sorts, contributing to 96 per cent of national brandy sales in Mexico. With its affiliation to Casa Pedro Domecq, Emperador Inc. sees a huge potential to introduce the Philippine-made Emperador Brandy, the world's best-selling brandy, to the local market. 

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Photo: Emparador
Photo: Emparador

“There is a growing appetite for imported brandy in this market especially for brandy coming from the Philippines," says Joan Cortes Vilardell, the director of Casa Pedro Domecq. "Initial studies have shown very encouraging response to the taste profile of Emperador Brandy." In line with this, Emperador Inc. has made steps to start exporting Emperador Brandy to Mexico and other Latin American countries next year.

“During the past five years, Emperador has been consistently dominating global liquor markets as a brand, and this has fast-tracked its position as an iconic Filipino consumer brand in the world,” says Ricardo Puig, Head of Research, Wealth Securities.

Plans to strengthen their hold on markets in Latin America will only add to a growing global expansion, as the brand continues to have a strong presence in the United States, Russia, and countries in Europe and Africa.

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