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Drinks Rare Dalmore 62 Sold For £266,200 At Auction

Rare Dalmore 62 Sold For £266,200 At Auction

Rare Dalmore 62 Sold For £266,200 At Auction
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
June 10, 2020
A new record has been set for the most expensive Dalmore bottles ever sold. Twenty-six bids were made for two bottles of the Dalmore 62 at Sotheby's latest auction

In the world of fine whiskeys, the Dalmore 62 has only appeared in auction twice. The rare bottle of the Mackenzie family pioneered whiskey is matured in a bespoke hand-crafted cask and seasoned with Gonzales Byass Matusalem Oloroso 30 Year Old Sherry. Having acquired its exquisite taste due to the meticulous process by which Master Distiller Richard Paterson has prepared this signature concoction, the Dalmore 62 remains to be seen as one of the most exclusive yet sought-after whiskies in the world.

The entire auction, which took place in London, netted a total of 26 bids. Although two bottles were presented at auction, they were sold separately and were bought for £266,200 or around USD335,000. This incredible price tag is due primarily because of its taste and rarity. Only 12 bottles of the Dalmore 62 were created. Each of them have been individually named, hand signed, and numbered. 

But more than the monetary value of these whiskies, each bottle holds a great amount of value in terms of the brand's heritage. Richard Paterson speaks out by saying, "I’ve been fortunate to care for the wealth of rare & aged whiskies at our highland distillery since 1970, and this exceptional expression is very special to me indeed. When I took control of these precious casks some 50 years ago, I was aware of their true value, not so much in monetary terms but as a living part of the distillery’s heritage." 

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