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Drinks Buy A Sahan Cocktail Kit And Send A Learning Kit To A Child In Need

Buy A Sahan Cocktail Kit And Send A Learning Kit To A Child In Need

Buy A Sahan Cocktail Kit And Send A Learning Kit To A Child In Need
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
December 17, 2020
There are other reasons to buy a Sahan Cocktail kit apart from promoting Filipino flavours and supporting an all-female team — you are also supporting a dream and someone's future by sending a learning kit to a child in need

A cocktail kit for a learning kit — Sahan and Teach for the Philippines are making it this easy to help children have a brighter future. Who knew supporting three advocacies in a single purchase was even possible? Sahan's mission is worthwhile and hard to ignore especially now since the country has been trying to adapt to this year's turn of events.

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You can choose from an innovative variety of locally inspired cocktail kits such as Biyahe and Pasko. Biyahe comprises of Manille Liqueur de Calamansi, butterfly pea and lemongrass nectar, and Baguio lemon. It is then garnished with a variety of seasonal edible flowers. Pasko is a mixture of Manille de Liqueur de Dalandan, Sahan's local cinnamon and galangal nectar, and Baguio lemon, then garnished with nasturtium and topped with a cinnamon stick.

On top off these delightful tipples, here are three more reasons that will convince you to bring a cocktail kit home right away, just in time for happy-hour:

Learning Kits For A Kid In Need

In partnership with Teach for the Philippines, Sahan is determined to empower the youth through the school kits that they allocate to a child, with every cocktail kit purchased. It's a brilliant way to help during a challenging time — Sahan bridges the gap and becomes the middle-woman between those in need, wherever they may be, and those who have been wanting to lend a helping hand.

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Support Local Farmers

Heavily affected by the effects of climate change, our local farmers are trying their best to overcome the constant challenges that come with in growing food. Which is why Sahan is making the move to get all their cocktails' ingredients from small-scale organic farms across the Philippines. Now, you can reach out to our country's farmers even while you're at home — and all you need is to get a cocktail kit of your choice!

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Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

All-Women Team

Sahan is run by skilled women who proudly advocate for significant causes like supporting local farmers and child literacy. If you get to know the women in the team, you'll discover that each of them has a genuine heart.

Aside from being Sahan's CFO, Gemma Fern Binarao is an "economist by training and a philomath by obsession." Mainly, she is a corporate and business planner that has worked in industries like manufacturing alcoholic drinks and other FMCG's and wishes that she can feed all the street dogs someday. 

Initially, Pisha Marcelo took up linguistics to become a journalist. But she has found happiness in both data technology as EasyCall Communication's deputy general manager and cocktails as Sahan's COO.

Karla Delgado manages Kai Farms in Palawan where they do permaculture farming by the sea, seed saving and sharing, grow your own food workshops, sustainable dining, food demos and tastings, and more. Aside from that, she also produces short films advocating to “create the new normal and build the world we so urgently need.”

Leading the digital transformation of Kai Farms, Sahan's CEO Kai Delgado Yulo hopes to celebrate Filipino flavours, organic produce, and farming in the Philippines. Passionate about animal rescue and sustainability, Kai is a brand strategist, creative, and she is a loving dog mom from Manila.

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