Single Origin hosts Jazz Nights with Drink Deals That Sound Good to Our Ears


Promotion: July 24 - September 25, 2018 (Expired)

A fan of Jazz? Single Origin has you covered!

It’s undeniable that certain types of music pair better with certain beverages. You can imagine blues is perfect with a shot of bourbon, or how a pot of green tea goes well with something much lighter on the ears. When it comes to the unrestricted, winding nature of jazz, however, all bets are off and most beats are welcome. As Single Origin’s versatile bar allows the enjoyment of all kinds of beverages, jazz makes the perfect soundtrack. Except now, it can be heard live while enjoying sweet deals on drinks.

Beginning 7:30PM on the last Tuesdays of July, August, and September, Single Origin hosts Jazz Nights with noted musician and composer Johnny Alegre. As the guitar legend takes us on a breezy musical ride with his band, let both conversation and booze flow, especially with Happy Hour specials on cocktails. Of course, music brings people together but it’s the drinks that make us stay.

For more information on Single Origin’s Jazz Nights, follow Single Origin at @singleoriginph or call 0906-8944042.