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Adventure Solaire Celebrates The Mid-Autumn Festival With Special Homemade Mooncakes

Solaire Celebrates The Mid-Autumn Festival With Special Homemade Mooncakes

Solaire Celebrates The Mid-Autumn Festival With Special Homemade Mooncakes
By Philippine Tatler
August 23, 2019
Solaire Resort & Casino celebrates the autumn equinox and the fullness of the moon with an assortment of homemade mooncake offerings to please every palate.

You can grab yourself a box of two or four of Solaire’s Baked Mooncakes to satisfy your cravings. Each set of four Baked Mooncakes features a unique music box packaging. Their Snow Skin Mooncakes come in a set of five and is even placed in a miniature fridge for you to take home!
These special Baked Mooncakes come in four varieties. All feature double egg yolk centres complemented by an assortment of rich and flavourful pastes. The red bean paste mooncake is given a twist with dried orange skin while the white lotus paste mooncake has a luxurious silky, rich qualities. Another flavour is the black sesame lotus paste which has a nuttier and more earthy taste, while the ubepaste version gives this classic dish a local twist.

Snow Skin Mooncakes are a popular choice for those in search of unique and creative pairings. Ingredients range from fruits, nuts, down to spirits which were thoughtfully selected to create a collection of five complex tastes. The mango paste and dried mango snow skin mooncake exhibits the versatility of the popular Philippine fruit, while the raisin and Ang Pili nut lotus paste variety exudes buttery almond fullness and plummy notes.
For more decadent bites try the custard paste and Palet Noir chocolate or the strawberry snow skin mooncakes with lotus paste and rum hazelnut chocolate. For a bit more zest, take a bite out of the champagne paste and dried apricot snow skin mooncake!
These delectable homemade mooncakes will be available for purchase from August 2 until September 13, 2019 at Red Lantern, House of Zhou, Oasis Garden Café, Fresh, The Patisserie, and The Food Court’s Bakery.

Box prices start at Php 2,300.00 for a Box of 2 Baked Mooncakes, Php 3,900.00 for a Box of 4 Baked Mooncakes, Php 5,300.00 for a Premium Box of 4 Baked Mooncakes with Red Lantern Special Sauces, and Php 3,600.00 for a set of 5 Snow Skin Mooncakes including a small chiller. There will also be Snow Skin Mooncake Making Classes during lunch hours at Red Lantern every Sunday from August 18 to September 8, and on September 13.
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