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Adventure Sustainable Shrimp At Marriott Café

Sustainable Shrimp At Marriott Café

Sustainable Shrimp At Marriott Café
By Philippine Tatler
March 06, 2018

Promotion: March 1 - 31 2018 (Expired)

To commemorate sustainable seafood awareness, Marriott Café is offering an ocean-wide selection of sustainable shrimp.

Wednesdays at the Marriott Café has become more sumptuous with the addition of premium quality black tiger prawns, called Selva Shrimp, on the buffet spread. Selva shrimp has a “Best Choice” rating for sustainability because these are naturally raised in mangrove forests, no fertilizers or chemicals were used and supports small farming communities in Southeast Asia. It is considered a healthy shrimp for its firm texture, succulent flavor and vibrant color.

Marriott chefs also have recommended recipes that are not to miss, such as grilled shrimp marinated in Indonesian sambal, a famous spicy and flavorful sauce. For that local touch, shrimp are made into Manila-style Sisig.

This enticing treat is on top of countless of international cuisines Marriott Café has to offer – all for the same buffet price of Php 1,950 for lunch and Php 2,150 for dinner.

Meanwhile, Selva Shrimp are also available at the Greatroom lobby lounge as bar snacks. It’s a perfect munch over meetings, evening cocktails or for passing time. Menu includes boiled shrimp with sausage and potatoes on the side, baked shrimp with chimps and dips, okoy or shrimp fritters, and shrimp kapao in a bun.

Check out the mouth-watering dishes:



Adventure Marriott Café seafood sustainable seafood


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