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Spotlight The Glass Is Always Greener

The Glass Is Always Greener

The Glass Is Always Greener
By Shauna Jay Popple Williams
January 09, 2018
Amidst the green oasis of Rockwell, an airy and light-filled space conjured from glass seems to be the serene green thing to do.


 Formerly a luxe showroom, this bright and eye-catching newcomer to the Rockwell enclave’s vibrant and burgeoning roster of dining establishments has stolen the scene. The proprietor and genius behind Harlan+Holden (the chic and very wearable womens and mens apparel label), Eman Pineda pounced on this prime real estate gem and turned it into a stunner of a glass house-cum-restaurant.

 Designed by the Copenhagen-based architecture and design firm, GamFratesi, the space was commissioned to respect its surroundings and cater to the everyday living of the Rockwell community. The firm took its inspiration from pavilions and contemporary green houses, thus balancing environments; a fusion of the natural outdoors with urban aethetics, if you will. 

Thus floor-to-ceiling glass walls render a pleasantly calming illusion of being both inside and out as natural light floods in throughout the day – a perfect reflection of time itself – while views of the surrounding greenery and shrubs soothe the eye.

This delicious quiet calm is paired with the deliciousness of a tightly curated, fuss-free bill of fare based on five pillars: salads, pastas, sandwiches, coffee, and the establishment’s Healthy Mondays program. Harlan+Holden also crafts its own blend of coffee and will soon incorporate its very own roasting facility, a weekday to weekend essential, as per Pineda. 


Certainly a hot spot since it opened its doors January 8 (a very auspicious number indeed), there’s one more reason to love this serene space: it is a Wi-Fi-free zone. “We highly encourage you to live in the now, turn away from the online world for a while and enjoy personal communication and interaction as you create a good relationship with our food and with the people you eat it with,” shares Pineda.

Harlan + Holden Restaurant is located at Rockwell Drive, Rockwell. For more updates, you can follow them on Instagram: @harlanholdendine




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