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AdventureThe Kaizen Factor at Yakumi

The Kaizen Factor at Yakumi

The Kaizen Factor at Yakumi
By Philippine Tatler
October 11, 2018
The favorite Yakumi weekend buffet revamps its menu line up, plus more interactive live stations

Solaire Resort & Casino’s Yakumi features the kaizen concept in its revamped weekend offers with the new Saturday All-You-Can-Eat buffet and refreshed Sunday Brunch, to provide its patrons a wider taste of Japan. The weekend feasts inject new life to its menu and offers a more vibrant list of Japanese delicacies. 

Starting October 14, the much-loved Brunch Buffet now moves to Sundays but will continue to make your mouth water as you watch Japanese staples be prepared before your eyes. A private room is dedicated to creating crisp and evenly coated tempuras, and chawanmushi, a Japanese steamed egg dish with savory ingredients that resembles flan or panna cotta both physically and texture-wise. Another is for pan-fried dishes such as its perfectly golden brown gyozas and savory Okonomiyaki, as well as servings of fried rice and sautéed vegetables. It’s also likely that you’ll stop in your tracks to watch the Japanese chefs assemble the highly difficult to master sushi at another station. If you’re too excited and eager to sit and eat, a roving sashimi trolley will keep your eyes and plate occupied as a chef precisely slices your serving fresh from a whole tuna. Hear the crackle of hot charcoal and see the art of Robatayaki in action at its designated station while it grills skewers of various vegetables, as well as meats ranging from chicken parts to USDA beef portions, squid to Blue Marlin chunks coated in teriyaki sauce.


Although kaizen calls for improvement, there are some that don’t require any necessary touch ups. In the world of broths and noodles, Japan takes the lead with its traditional and flavorful options. Get up close and personal with its Shoyu, Miso, Tonkotsu and Tantanmen ramens with a choice between Soba, Udon or Somen noodles, allowing you to enjoy each’s display of their iconic differences nestled in a wide spectrum of silken warmth.

On the other hand, improvement doesn’t necessarily mean edit. Yakumi’s extensive list of desserts sees another popular staple added to its list. Mochi, a Japanese rice cake that’s often filled with sweet red bean paste sees its introduction with 3 unexpected variants. Green tea, apple and peach mochis will now be part of the 3-station spread of fresh fruits, delectable confectionaries, frozen treats and cream-based afters.


Additionally, new sake cocktails will refresh the palate mid-meal or when the chopsticks are finally down. The Fukumi Navel is a Honey Umeshu-based drink that’s sweet and zingy at the same time. It uses Peach Schnapps and orange juice to complement the liqueur’s underlying fruity notes. Saturday Fizz, just like what its name suggests is a refreshing fizzy drink that will make you second guess whether your taste buds are giving you sweet or sour. It’s alcohol base is Sake and Umeshu combined with a simple syrup, Peach Schnapps and Club Soda for the recognizable foam. Who’s My Driver takes on the retro Screwdriver classic with its Sake and Grenadine mixture that’s driving behind the citrus orange juice. The Long Drink takes inspiration from golfer Arnold Palmer’s summer drink, but this time with a Japanese twist. Made with a concoction of Whiskey, Honey Umeshu, fresh iced tea, Yuzu juice and a simple syrup, this cocktail’s refreshing streak will leave you feeling that hole-in-one high.


Unlimited servings of some of your favorites are still available during Saturdays with a new All-You-Can-Eat Buffet starting October 20. Yakumi will offer a tick-box menu of featured Nihon dishes that you can order repeatedly until you’re satisfied. It also offers Set Menu Upgrade options that can be ordered as additions for a more filling visit.

Contrary to most translations, “kaizen” actually means continuous self-development. Yakumi’s kaizen factor in its refreshed Saturday and Sunday buffets will definitely intrigue one to think of the Japanese concept’s benefits, and of course, how satisfyingly delicious this buffet will be. Reserve your tables and experience kaizen at work at Yakumi.

Yakumi Saturday All-You-Can-Eat Buffet and Sunday Brunch Buffet is from 11:30AM to 2:30PM. Price starts at Php1,388+* and Php2,688+* respectively. Price is inclusive of 12% VAT and subject to a 10% service charge. For more details and reservations please call 888-8888 or visit

Yakumi, Solaire Resorts and Casino, 1 Asean Avenue, Entertainment City, Paranaque City 1701 Manila, Philippines




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