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Digest These Farms Will Deliver Fresh Fruits & Vegetables To Your Home

These Farms Will Deliver Fresh Fruits & Vegetables To Your Home

Photo: Sikap Farms
By Isabel Martel Francisco
By Isabel Martel Francisco
March 31, 2020
With the community quarantine still in full force, the lines at supermarkets have become quite the doozy. Skip the line, and order your fruits and veggies so that they come straight to your doorstep.

1/11 Future Fresh

Our containerized indoor hydroponic farms produce fresh vegetables 365 days a year

Future Fresh

This hydroponic urban farm facility will deliver greens right to your door. No pesticides, no harmful fertilisers and totally fresh. From swiss chard, basil, kale, to spinach and arugula – order away! 

Future Fresh grows their food as close to the consumer as possible. One of the team's goals was to limit both the travel distance and time that food needs in order to reach the end user so that produce stays as fresh as possible. Future Fresh utilises fully enclosed repurposed 40ft containers called farmboxes which are outfitted with hydroponic growing equipment and hardware. These unique farmboxes hold over 10,000 plants and outputs the equivalent of one acre of land in 320sq. Ft.

Farmers are frontliners too, and are more than deserving of our attention and help.

Paco Caparas, director of Future Fresh

Director of Future Fresh, Paco Caparas, comments that this quarantine has been challenging on two fronts: for the health and safety of their team, quality of products, and for their delivery logistics. Future Fresh has had to radically upgrade their health and safety procedures and continue to make large investments in their whole harvest and packing processes, including using AI detection on their veggies and building a new cleaner packing facility. They have also worked with multiple logistics providers and augmented their operations staff to ensure that Future Fresh can still deliver on time to supermarkets and to direct delivery clients. 

"Eating and staying healthy is now more important than ever in these troubled times. Having access to fresh vegetables is a small but very meaningful part of that. On another level, we also want to help shine a light on the importance of agriculture and farmers to our daily lives. A lot of farmers are suffering right now because of selling point shutdowns and disrupted trade. Farmers are frontliners too, and are more than deserving of our attention and help" shares Paco.

2/11 Teraoka Farms

Teraoka Farms, run by Raf Dacones, is ready to serve up some gorgeous greens. Check out their Facebook and Instagram to see what this farm forward family has been up too. Order fresh beautiful produce from them simply by direct messaging to learn about their most recent harvest. They can deliver to your doorstep! 

Raf says the community quarantine has made things harder for the supply chain since lot of farmers rely on bus lines from the provinces to send their produce to the cities. He adds that they also have difficulties getting past provincial checkpoints because some LGUs/ barangays have their own rules. 

He adds that "getting healthy produce is crucial in the time of instant and fast food. Fresh healthy food, first has to be readily available so it can be an option."

I strive for excellence because I am inspired by my grandfather’s success story, building his business bit by bit after the war. But aside from personal reasons, I work hard with the Filipino farmer in mind. I want to show that farmers can make it too, not just traders.

Raf Dacones

3/11 Hyperlocal Farms

Food security has always been an underlying mission for us at Hyperlocal Farms and in pandemic situations such as this it becomes even more evident how important it is. Getting real food into the right hands will never stop being a mission for us and we will always continue to try to serve to make our communities healthy and happy. Health starts with the food that you eat and we hope in a small way our produce helps to give you the nutrients you need.

Cristina Cu, co-founder of Hyperlocal Farms

Founded by Cristaina Cu and Tristan Seisa, Hyperlocal Farms is an indoor hydroponic farm that typically serves your favourite restaurants like Wildflour, Paul, Mecha Uma and Aivee Cafe. Their greens are all grown in a sterile indoor facility with zero pesticides or herbicides. During quarantine you can message their Instagram to order yourself some fresh Salanova Butterhead or Breen Romaine lettuce. 

“Its a challenge every week as the situation is constantly changing but we are all doing our best to support each other” shares Cristina.

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4/11 Dizon Farms

Visit the reliable Dizon farms for your nutritions fruits and veggies. Founded in the 60's, Dizon farms has always had whole foods and fresh produce in mind. To date, they are available in over 100 supermarkets. Select what you need online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Simply visit their website to get started! 

5/11 Hi Fred

Hi Fred sources fresh produce from farms around Baguio, Davao, and Nueva Ecija. You learn more about them by visiting their social media pages and can place your orders on their website.

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We believe that agriculture is not of the past, but a means to help the future of the Philippines.

Hi Fred PH

6/11 Sikap Farms

Photo: Sikap Farms
Photo: Sikap Farms Facebook Page

Order not only your beautiful greens but also, meats! Sikap Farms as of late, can only deliver to the Alabang community.

If you would like to order their fruits, vegetables or even meats visit the Facebook page and click on their google form to fill out what you’d like to purchase. Skip Farms has also created a Viber group where you can get updates and place orders. 

Patxi Santos, founder of Sikap Farms tells us that they source produce from his family farm in Benguet, as well as from other partner farms in Benguet (highland) and Nueva Ecija (lowland) too.

When asked about what makes things more challenging these days, Patxi says that "it’s been hard for both the farmers (producers) and those who are restricted to the confines of their homes (consumers)." 

He further expounds that the Department of Agriculture and other government agencies have given out passes and instructed LGUs to make sure that transportation of their food is not delayed, especially at checkpoints. However, Patxi says that there still are some LGUs that make it hard for farmers to bring their produce to the trading or packing stations, even if they provide the correct documents that show they are transporting perishable goods.

"We’re not sure if this is due to a lack of coordination/communication between the different agencies and/or LGUs, but we’re hoping that this can be resolved to ensure all farmers get to sell their produce and not be forced to let it rot in the fields" Patxi adds. 

Our goal at Sikap Farms, especially now, is to provide as many people as possible with the right amount of healthy food without them having to leave their homes. This, along with supporting farmers, is something that we are continuing to work on. We aspire to keep on with these goals even long after the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) is lifted.

Patxi Santos, founder, Sikap Farms

7/11 Papaya Tree Farms

With Papaya Tree you can recieve a box of mixed fresh vegetables. No need to wonder what selection to order as they will preselect their fresh harvest goodies for you! They can deliver to Alabang and Makati. Place your orders here and check out their Instagram for more updates.

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8/11 Oh My Gulay

Photo: Oh My Gulay Facebook Page
Photo: Oh My Gulay Facebook Page

Everyone has the chance to be a hero from home.

Oh My Gulary

This farm to house delivery service is backed by Masahealthy, a food security and workplace nutrition firm. 

Oh My Gulay is also giving back to underserved communities by creating a Buy1Give1 campaign that they say gives "everyone has a chance to be a hero from home" by purchasing veggies they source from farmers and also donating to those who need food. 

"We will take care of the logistics from Benguet and Nueva Vizcaya, and the packing of all the veggie bags to be donated. These will then be distributed to communities supported by the Office of the Vice President" shares the Oh My Gulay team.

Visit their Facebook or Instagram for updates.

9/11 Farm2Metro

Did you know that Farm2Metro practices a no-touch delivery method? Get your fruits, veggies and other whole foods from them by ordering through this site or by calling at +639776669411.

For updates, visit their Instagram or Facebook.  

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10/11 Bukid Fresh

Bukid Fresh is an online farmers market that strives to provide top-quality, food at fair prices while at the same time helping the environment. Learn more about them on their Instagram and Facebook and order your fresh veggies by visiting their website.


11/11 AGREA

AGREA on the other hand is making bulk orders of fresh produce available to the public. This option will work best if you and your family, neighbours or community decide what you want as a group so that your delivery can be pooled together, through one order. Check out this google form for more info on how to order. 

Through their "Move Food Initiative", AGREA is sourcing produce from farmers to help get their produce moving and to help with logistical challenges. With every 300Kgs or produce that is ordered through the #MoveFoodInitiative, 15Kgs will be donated to kitchens that supply free food to COVID-19 frontliners. 

Cherrie Atilano, president of AGREA, shares that she has her hands full trying to help facilitate orders and plan operations since  the quarantine situation has created a lot of logistical challenges for food producers.

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We are finding creative solutions to get produce to market. The market, people, needs an assortment of fruits and vegetables to augment their diet because these are proven immune boosters. So, on all fronts, I believe that supporting farmers is an intelligent thing to do especially during Covid-19 pandemic.

Cherrie Atilano, president of AGREA


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