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Digest Father's Day 2021: 9 Places To Order For Your Home Celebration—Steak Trays, Cakes, And More

Father's Day 2021: 9 Places To Order For Your Home Celebration—Steak Trays, Cakes, And More

Father's Day 2021: 9 Places To Order For Your Home Celebration—Steak Trays, Cakes, And More
By Isabel Martel Francisco
By Isabel Martel Francisco
June 14, 2021
Are you wondering what to order your Dad this Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is around the corner. Be sure to plan something memorable for your Dad, to ensure that he remembers this special day. To honour the main man of our lives, a person who has supported us through thick and thin, and been there to protect us, serve up a spectacular meal. Treat him to all his favourite foods and spoil him rotten.

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Here are some delicious things that your Dad might love:

1/9 Steak Trays

This eight hour Kurobuta chasu tray from Ginza Gyu was made just for Father’s Day. It is packed with tender slices of pork, perfectly cooked eggs, picked veggies and a wonderfully seasoned rice. Their wasabi salt is so special; you will be craving for more!

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2/9 Plantito Cake

Many Dad’s are plantitos. A love for gardening and a green thumb must come with the rule book. Why not celebrate their love for the great outdoors with this gardening themed cake from Doughmestic?

3/9 Edible Images

M Bakery can print photos onto their cupcakes! Surprise dad with these edible images that can be printed on M Bakery’s famously delicious cakes and treats.

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4/9 Whisky Burnt Basque Cheesecake

Chef Chele and Teri Gonzalez have prepared a gorgeous whisky flavoured cheesecake. Spoil Dad with this burnt Basque cheesecake with cream cheese, whisky, and chocolate chunks. Each bit features a balance of smoky, sweet, bitter and spicy flavours.

5/9 Savoury Crepe Cake

Cibo Di Marghi’s (by chef Margarita Forés) signature savoury crepe millefoglie cake with asparagus, mushroom truffle paste and prosciutto di Parma will be the decadent bite your Dad needs this coming Father’s Day.

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6/9 Pinoy Feast

Sarsa by JP Anglo has prepared a special bilao just for Father’s Day weekend. It features: lechon manok with garlic sauce, grilled pork barbecue, chicken isaw, liempo-Q, chicken rice, ensalada and a special turon.

7/9 Radish Cake

Gao is bringing back its Loaded Premium Radish Cake, and this time in a large, 1kg size. Their radish cakes are made with care and expertise- definitely worth ordering! Each order of the Loaded Father’s Day special comes with a bottle of our signature XO sauce.

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8/9 Truffle Hot Sauce

If your Dad loves truffles then you should gift him with Truff’s selection of hot sauces from Bow Tie Duck. They go perfectly with a variety of dishes, from meats to seafood, on something crispy or stewy. The truffle accent can truly elevate a dish.

9/9 Bento Box

If Japanese food is what you are after try Hotel Okura’s three tier bento box sets that are filled with tiger shrimp simmered in ginger and soya, grilled salmon flavored with saikyo miso, US beef roll with vegetable, breaded shrimp fry, pan-seared duck breast, and chirashi sushi. They also have a separate sushi maki bento box that is packed with a variety of delectable rolls.

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