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Digest Where To Buy Chocolate Croissants: 7 Must Know Bakeries

Where To Buy Chocolate Croissants: 7 Must Know Bakeries

Where to buy chocolate croissant
Photo: Unsplash
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
March 01, 2021
Who doesn't love a gorgeous, flaky, buttery, croissant—and with chocolate too?

1/7 Stoned Chocolates

Nothing's more tempting than Stoned Chocolate's version of a chocolate croissant. Filled with delicious Nutella, each bite offers indulgent sweetness, complemented by the impeccable swirls that make this pastry oh-so tempting. 

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2/7 Butter Boy PH

Butter Boy PH seems to have an intriguing line of croissants ready for their customers. There's red velvet, taro, almond, and more—but most importantly, there's chocolate. You can never go wrong with this classic flavour, so try it out today!

3/7 Sweet Bella Desserts

Sweet Bella Desserts is on a mission to win our hearts. With an interesting menu that includes Nutella croissants and pain au chocolat croissants, there's no surprise why we—and their customers—love to get our hands on these. 

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4/7 Eric Kayser

Eric Kayser is famous for this flaky French pastry! Those who prefer a more traditional palate can try their almond croissant or cheese croissant. An ube variant is also available for those looking for more familiar flavours. However, we have to admit that their chocolate variants—chocolate and almond chocolate—are their pièce de resistance

5/7 PAUL

A Parisian staple, PAUL is one of the few bakeries known to serve authentic croissants. They have a chocolate-flavoured one, and an almond chocolate-flavoured one—both worth becoming your next breakfast favourite. 

6/7 St Marc Cafe

St Marc Cafe is so famous for their chocolate croissant, people simply know it as Chococro! Order one to go as a side with a plate of pasta or a bowl of your favourite parfait for a fulfilling meal or sweet treat. 

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7/7 Bake House

A chocolate croissant from Bake House at Shangri-La The Fort is all we need. Hearty and delicious, it's the perfect way to start your day, cap off a meal, or even eat as a snack!


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