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Digest Where To Buy: Places To Get Basque Cheesecake This June 2020

Where To Buy: Places To Get Basque Cheesecake This June 2020

Where To Buy: Places To Get Basque Cheesecake This June 2020
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
June 26, 2020
A sweet indulgence will go a long way in powering you through the day. Satisfy your cravings with these delicious takes on Basque burnt cheesecake

Those looking for a new take on the classic cheesecake can stop their search. Introducing, the Basque burnt cheesecake. Although this dessert has recently gone trending online, few bakeries had already offered it before. Now, with its rise in popularity, more and more chefs and bakers have taken to their kitchens to recreate this delicious recipe. Here are a few places where you can get your fix today. 

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1/13 Twin Whisks

Celebrate the upcoming weekend by treating you and your family to Twin Whisks' Basque burnt cheesecake. Not only do they have it in their original flavour, but they also have an Oreo variant too — perfect for cookie lovers or those with an insatiable sweet tooth. Pair it with any of their berry compotes for an added dash of fruity flavour. 

2/13 Made and Baked

The Basque burnt cheesecake gets a Filipino-style upgrade at Made and Baked. They've incorporated ube halaya into their recipe to create truly unique homegrown flavours. If you're not a fan of ube, you're in luck — they also offer the classic, creamy Basque burnt cheesecake you know and love so well. 

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3/13 Chrisha's Kitchen

Chrisha's Kitchen is the best place to order Basque burnt cheesecake if you're on a diet, or diabetic. Their low-carb, sugar-free recipes are healthier alternatives to an otherwise sinful dessert. Fortunately, none of the flavour is sacrificed in their baking process so you and your family can enjoy a sweet treat without feeling too guilty. 

4/13 Wisteria 7242

Wisteria 7242 has a secret ingredient up their sleeve: it's their nut-crusted Basque burnt cheesecake! Made from macadamia nuts and almonds, their crust has a distinct flavour you can't find anywhere else. But not only that, they've also introduced a berry delicious new addition to the menu: blueberry Basque burnt cheesecake! Whole blueberries are baked into creamy goodness and served on a slice of cheesecake. If you're not into fruity flavours, they also have the original variant that's a no-fail crowd-pleaser. 

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5/13 The Manila Baker

The Manila Baker is known for their decadent take on Basque burnt cheesecake. Their products are some of the most Instagram-worthy we've seen so far and it doesn't disappoint. Made with premium ingredients, their Basque burnt cheesecake has been a local hit since January of 2019 — so they're definitely not just a passing trend. 

6/13 Workshop PH

From the minds behind Le Petit Soufflé comes Workshop PH, a bakery concept that's also available at Rockwell's The Grid Food Market. They've got a delicious Basque burnt cheesecake alongside other deliciousness such as flourless chocolate cake and 17-layer cakes, not to mention other breads and pastries. 

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7/13 The Decadence

The Decadence offers Basque burnt cheesecake in two varieties: classic and sugar-free. Each cake is made lovingly to suit your family's needs and dietary restrictions, if any. Enjoy each slice with a nice cup of hot coffee for a truly decadent merienda.

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8/13 Bake Scout

While Bake Scout is famous for their chocolate chip cookies, their Basque burnt cheesecake must not be missed. Smooth, creamy, and indulgently dense, Bake Scout offers the classic cheesecake, expertly browned to perfection. Get yours today from their order form on Instagram. 

9/13 Basque MNL

Basque MNL makes their namesake cheesecake with fresh, premium ingredients: European cream cheese and organic eggs. Its caramelised crust adds an extra layer to its depth of flavour, especially considering that the cake itself isn't too sweet (so it's perfect for everyone)! Have it delivered to your home today for a wonderful afternoon treat. 

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10/13 Twenty Four Bakeshop

One slice is definitely not enough with Twenty Four Bakeshop's Basque burnt cheesecake. Its custard-like centre is made of premium cream cheese, and is flavourfully burnt on top. Its crustless recipe puts its creamy, decadent flavour at the forefront from every bite. 


11/13 Kaye Garcia

Kaye Garcia is an events stylist and part-time baker. When she's not busy spending time with her family and adorable niece (Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla's baby girl, Maria Isabella) she's at the kitchen baking up goodies for her hungry customers. Her cinnamon buns, Swiss cake, and butter cookies are a great hit — but especially her Basque burnt cheesecake, the recipe of which she'd only recently perfected during ECQ. 

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12/13 Decadenza

Decadenza is one of the few good things to come out of community quarantine. Priding itself on "no-frills baking", Decadenza serves up the delicious and classic flavours Basque burnt cheesecake in cupcake form, or sizes of 7-inch and 9-inch pans. Try their melt-in-your-mouth take of this contemporary Spanish dessert, that they've tweaked perfectly for the Filipino palate. 

13/13 KESO

You may know Sidechick as the delicious food stall at The Alley. Although they're famous for their burgers and fries, they've also been known to experiment a little with their desserts. Enter: KESO, their deliciously rich take on Basque burnt cheesecake. Don't be fooled by its small size, this baby is known to pack a flavourful punch with rich, creamy, cheesy goodness. Best served chilled and with whipped cream, KESO's cheesecake slices are exactly what you need to cheer you up this quarantine. 

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