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Digest Instagram Food Trend: Where To Buy Cheese Doughnuts

Instagram Food Trend: Where To Buy Cheese Doughnuts

Instagram Food Trend: Where To Buy Cheese Doughnuts
Photo: Unsplash
By Elaine Nuestro
By Elaine Nuestro
August 06, 2020
This latest online food trend is definitely worth following

Aside from OOTDs, adorable pets, and stunning makeup looks, our IG feeds has been flooded lately by crave-inducing home baked goods. First came sushi bake, and was briefly followed by ube pandesal. Now, we welcome the newest addition to the Instagram food craze, cheese doughnuts. Here, we listed down places where you can order and have them delivered to you so you can give it a go:

Bubb And Bake

Much like their magnificent dewey triple chocolate brownies and chocolate cupcakes, Bubb and Bake's soft milky cheese doughnuts are worth every carb and calorie. True to its name, Bubb and Bake's cheese doughnuts are pillowy soft (like biting into cheese clouds!) and are filled to the brim with melted cheese and heavily coated with powdered milk.

Message them on Instagram to order.

Bread For EveryJuan

If you live in Mandaluyong or frequently visit the area, then odds are you have seen the humble panaderia nestled at the corner of Sierra Madre st. and DM Guevara. Having been serving nostalgic childhood pastries for almost a decade now, Bread For EveryJuan recently came out with their very own take of the Insta-food trend, cheese doughnuts. Their round pastries are made with three different kinds of cheeses that are sure to hit the spot. They also have the ever-popular ube pandesal as well as the gloriously sweet dulce de leche stuffed pandesal.

You may order online through their Instagram page or Foodpanda.

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The Bakery Boutique

Serving flaky and milky cheese doughnuts in the south is The Bakery Boutique. They just opened last month but they sure have already stolen the hearts of Cebuanos, from selling 100 doughnuts on their first day to 1000 doughnuts per day now! Their flaky doughnuts are filled with a generous amount of melted cheese and are finished off with a dusting of powdered milk on the outside. They also have plant-based nut milk lattes in-store that complements the rich and savoury pastry.

To order, message them on their Instagram page here.

Milky Dust Donuts

Milky Dust Donuts serves up munchkin-sized doughnuts that make for one perfect bite! They have given the classic cheese doughnut a little makeover with the ultimate milky cheese donut made and filled with not just one, not two, but four kinds of cheeses. A panoply of textures await in every bite: quezo de bola, grated, infused and mixed with the dough creates a chewy, crusty and tasty dough; the milky cream cheese just bursts into your mouth upon first bite; the mild, familiar flavour of the regular cheese is slowly introduced as it sticks to your palate; and lastly, the sharp cheddar gives that kick and a lingering aftertaste which will make you crave for more. The creamy and salty combination of the cheeses perfectly complements with the delicate sweetness of the milky dust and it’s just glorious.

Message them on Instagram to order.

Lola Nena's

Straight from grandmum's recipe book, Lola Nena's old-fashioned cheese doughnuts will surely bring back fond memories of your childhood. Known for their famous pichi-pichi, their triple cheese doughnut has also garnered quite some following across Metro Manila for its sweet yet savoury taste.

For more information, visit their website here.

Miss B’s Infused Honey

Miss B's cheesy pastries are not doughnuts per se, but they are as creamy and as delicious. This cheese-filled pandesal is the perfect breakfast item, just pop them on the toaster for a couple of minutes and voila! You have your breakfast-fix ready in no time. 

To order, message them at +63915 783 3062.


As a bonus treat for you, ChewBaker's pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) joins this list of cheesy goodies as they are as addictive as the other pastries mentioned. Since they are made from tapioca flour, they are gluten-free and has a "mochi-like" texture that is moist and chewy. Of course, the star of the show is the gooey melted cheese inside.

Click here to order.

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