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Digest Where To Order Christmas Dinner: Margarita Fores, Josh Boutwood, Jordy Navarra, Chele Gonzalez & More

Where To Order Christmas Dinner: Margarita Fores, Josh Boutwood, Jordy Navarra, Chele Gonzalez & More

The Test Kitchen
Photo: The Test Kitchen
By Tatler Philippines
December 14, 2020
Some of the country’s top culinary talents whip up what they deem as Christmas comfort food, and ideal items to feast upon this season. Indulge in a luxe spread of everything delicious this holiday season with these delectable finds
Margarita Fores Galantina
Photo: Cibo di Marghi
Margarita Fores Galantina
Photo: Cibo di Marghi

Cibo di Marghi: Truffle Chicken Galantina by Chef Margarita Fores 

"A homemade Chicken Galantina has always been a heartwarming staple in any Filipino home. My Chicken Galantina is inspired by my Wawa Ester’s Bahay na Puti Galantina, but I’ve enhanced it and brought it to a different level with Italian truffle and mushroom essence. It’s simple, hearty and sparkles with richness and much warmth! It is absolutely perfect for this holiday season’s home celebration tables." - Chef Margarita Fores.

You can order by contacting +63917 5138932 /+63917 7114326 / +63917 7083057. Or visit their Instagram page at @cibodimarghi

The Test Kitchen
Photo: The Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen: Black Truffle Roast Chicken by Chef Josh Boutwood

Any holiday or celebration is never complete without a juicy and tender roast chicken. This Christmas, indulge in an elevated chicken roast with Chef Josh Boutwood’s Black Truffle Roast Chicken that is made with free-range chicken and a generous brushing of black truffle farce. Mouthwatering and irresistible, this dish deserves seconds.

To order, call +63977 288 5751

Toyo Eatery, Jody Navara
Photo: Toyo Eatery
Toyo Eatery, Jody Navara
Photo: Toyo Eatery

Toyo, Panaderya Toyo: Ham and Cheese Croissant by Chef Jordy Navarra 

"We simply call this dish Ham and Cheese Croissant. It’s basically jamón serrano with grated quezo de bola sandwiched by Panaderya Toyo’s sourdough croissant. We love this dish because of how simple it is but makes people smile when they take a bite with no fail. My wife May grew up eating Ham and Cheese sandwiches as part of her baon so we made an updated, elevated version of it that everyone can enjoy! It’s  quite a popular snack, and people actually tell us that eating it brings them back to their childhood." - Chef Jordy Navarra 

People can order by sending a message to +63917 7208630. It’s available from Tuesdays to Saturdays, both for dine-in and takeaway.

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Nicco Santos
Photo: Nicco Santos

Sambar: “Kawan Dulang” by Chef Nicco Santos 

"This dish translates to “Friendship Tray”: it has coconut rice, chicken curry, sambal prawns, fried chicken wings, salmon otak and more! We made this for the holiday season so we can contribute something joyful, festive and fun for families, friends and loved ones at home and at work. We miss our friends and just sharing a meal like this with our former staff. We love this dish because it’s like a kaleidoscope full of surprises with its riot of colours, flavours, textures and aroma but mainly because of what it symbolises and brings to the table—celebration, community and feast culture." - Chef Nicco Santos 

To order, please visit their Instagram page @sambarph or call +63 917 8999363

Colin McKay, Blackbird
Photo: Blackbird

Blackbird: Mincemeat Frangipane Pies by Chef Colin Mckay

"Every year I like to cook some festive Christmas fare that reminds me of my home in Scotland. Culinary tradition dictates the classic turkey with all the trimmings: sausage stuffing, bread sauce, Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce take pride of place. However, we also bake some sweet dishes—from gingerbread to trifles and of course, a Christmas pudding and mincemeat tarts made with spices, dried fruits, candied peel and a little brandy. These last two are always prepared a few months before the celebration of Christmas to allow the flavours to mature. We start making our own candied fruit peel around October, along with dried fruit, apples, spices and some shortening which end up in jars of heady mincemeat. In the restaurants we serve mincemeat and frangipane pies to all our guests during the weeks around Christmas." - Chef Colin Mckay

Available at Blackbird. To order, please call +632 8828 4888 or +632 8828 1937


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La Cabrera
Photo: La Cabrera

La Cabrera: Bone-in Full Blood Wagyu (M7-8)

Nothing screams special occasions more than steaks. Impress your guests with perfectly grilled steaks from La Cabrera. A bone-in full blood wagyu may just do the trick, with its succulent pink centres and beautiful and even marbling all throughout the steak. It would even make for a terrific holiday leftover sandwich for you to munch on even after the holidays!

To order, call +63905 290 0703 for Ayala Ave, Makati and +63967 237 7940 for EDSA Shangri-La Hotel 

Tapenade, Discovery Primea
Photo: Tapenade

Tapenade: Roast Chicken & Chorizo Paella

Paella remains as the pièce de résistance in most gatherings. A full meal on its own, Tapenade’s paellas are a winning combination of fragrant toasted rice, freshest veggies and tender meats. Have a fill of their roast chicken and chorizo paella with green beans and rosemary that is simple and straightforward yet hits the spot.

To order, call +632 7955 8888

Manila Marriott Hotel
Photo: Manila Marriott Hotel

Manila Marriott Hotel: Pork Roast

Celebrate like true queens and kings this holiday season with Manila Marriott Hotel’s slow-roasted pork belly. A perfect balance between crunchy and soft, this calorific dish is worth every bite. Generously seasoned using five robust spices, this indulgent treat comes with either a roasted garlic jus or a sweet and zesty apple mustard sauce. Enjoy it along with parmesan whipped potatoes, rosemary baked pumpkin and shallots, green beans with bacon casserole, seafood fettuccine pesto and a choice of homemade banoffee pie or carrot cinnamon cake.

To order:

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Photo: Bizu Patisserie

Bizu Patisserie: Baked Salmon Rockefeller 

The good old Rockefeller sauce is not only delicious on top of oysters but is also delectable when paired with any kind of seafood. This holiday season, include Bizu’s baked salmon Rockefeller on your menu. Made with high-quality Norwegian salmon layered with creamy spinach and topped with parmesan mornay sauce, this dish is perfect for small gatherings or big celebrations. The party dish comes in two sizes of 750g and 1.5kg.

To order, call +63906 559 6627

Lunghin, Marco Polo
Photo: Lunghin

Lunghin: Baked Slipper Lobster In Superior Sauce 

If you are looking for pescatarian options for the holidays, why not go for lobster? Cantonese restaurant Lung Hin’s baked slipper lobster in superior sauce can make any festivities special. Pair it with the braised South African abalone to make the evening feast more special.

To order call +632 7720 7777

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