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Spotlight Why Is Everyone Talking About Stanley Tucci's Show, 'Searching For Italy'?

Why Is Everyone Talking About Stanley Tucci's Show, 'Searching For Italy'?

Stanley Tucci
Photo from Wikimedia Commons; smoothdude
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
April 06, 2021
Stanley Tucci's new CNN food and travel show Searching For Italy (2021) will take you on a food adventure across Bel Paese

You might recognise Academy Award nominee Stanley Tucci from big-screen movies such as The Devil Wears Prada, Lovely Bones, Julie and Julia, and even Prizzi's Honor, leaving you to wonder why the actor has recently become the host of CNN's new food and travel show titled Searching for Italy which aired in February 2021. He is actually quite well fit for the job, considering Tucci is of Italian descent and has authored two dining books namely The Tucci Cookbook and The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends. In fact, it was CNN who approached Tucci with the idea of making a show dedicated to Italy's decadent cuisine.

Now, we finally see him in action as Tucci sets out to eat his way through Italy, digesting its unique culture and cuisine from panzanella to a Milanese martini. Tucci also narrates splendidly with his velvety voice throughout the show. However, take caution while watching as each episode will have you craving for various regional specialties. 

Photo: IMDb
Photo: IMDb

Stanley Tucci is a foodie by heart and in practice

As a man of taste, Tucci utters frank remarks which might also be one of many things most viewers admire about the show. In the episode where he visited Sicily, where the food is simple and the people are warm, Tucci said: "...don't mistake uncomplicated [food] for bland food".

His knowledge of food and love for eating began in his youth. "Both sides of my family [are Italian]. My grandparents moved to America ten years ago," he shared in an interview with CNN. "And that's how I grew up... there's so much [value] put on food and culture in my family, and a great respect for heritage".

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Authentic and exquisite Italian dishes are on display

During an interview, Tucci shared his experience in taking a bite of the perfect slice of pizza. "We met... Enzo Coccia and he wrote the book on how to make [Neopolitan] pizza, and he was recently awarded a Michelin star for pizza," he proudly shared. 

Moreover, the actor and author explored each city eager to learn about its culture and food, taking us along for the ride. Tucci relished his favourite spaghetti alla nerano in Naples and tasted the famed carbonara in Rome. He learned how to make the first recipe of Bolognese ragu at Bologna. Tucci tried rittoni and polenta in Milan. He enjoyed Tuscany's grand vistas and savoured glasses of wine while on an old-school bar crawl. Lastly, Tucci visited Sicily, which is known as "God's Kitchen".

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Stanley Tucci in Searching for Italy
Stanley Tucci in Searching for Italy. | Photo: YouTube

Stanley Tucci is joined by an excellent cast

Interestingly, Tucci weaves history with food in Searching For Italy. Tucci discusses each dish's history with chefs, restaurateurs, winemakers, historians, artists and activists among many others he meets along his journey. For instance, in the episode titled "Bologna", Tucci made his way to one of the oldest balsamic vinegar makers in the country where he learned about the meticulous production process and nuances of the craft. 

While we are all unable to travel, sit back, relax and enjoy the wonders of Italy with Mr Stanley Tucci. Let us know what you think about the show! 

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