Why Millennials Should Patronise Cognac


October 13, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Tired of your go-to bottle of beer? Finer drinks like Cognac aren’t just for your dad and Tito!


With the undeniable diversity of the bar scene in Metro Manila, it would be a shame to leave the world of specialty drinks and liquor unexplored. Yes, a bottle of beer at your local bar/ pub will always be a source of comfort – however, it wouldn’t hurt to try out more refined creations. Michael Soon of Rémy Martin had this to say about the younger crowd of discerning drinkers:


“This generation is known for valuing experiences above everything else, and that’s why fine spirits are becoming more popular than ever in bars and off the shelf It’s now less about getting tipsy, and more about basking in stories and experiences, including those that are carried by the drink.”



 Cognac in particular is enjoying a resurgence, along with fine wines and craft brews. To the growing number of drinkers that truly understand quality, nothing feels quite like swirling a glass of Rémy Martin Cognac. Consider this—cognac can only be made from grapes grown in a small region in France, whose chalky soil ripens the fruit to perfection for cognac making.


But that’s not all. Rémy Martin is classified as fine champagne cognac, which means that its grapes are exclusively sourced from the two best growing areas of the cognac region. This is a distinction that isn’t enjoyed by many, and the cognac house takes utmost care in protecting it. Consistency is guaranteed by the trained nose and honed palate of a master blender, and a bottle (depending on grade) can contain up to 400 different spirits, known in tasting circles as eaux de vie. rm_vsopcloseup_stickerrvb10_1405948416602.jpg

To a market that places a premium on authentic experiences, it also helps that the product is supported by an engaging narrative. In the case of Rémy Martin, every bottle is steeped in almost three centuries of cognac-making history. This collection of stories and experiences carries a certain charm that’s appreciated by those who value heritage. Coupled with unparalleled quality, it makes for an experience that’s truly a cut above the rest.

Millennials are coming to the fore, and they’re more discerning than ever. When sips take preference over shots, look no further than the display case—it’s time to bust out the cognac.


Founded in France in 1724, Rémy Martin is one of the world’s biggest producers of fine champagne cognac. The esteemed cognac house distills three centuries of expertise in every bottle, producing a wide array of cognacs that are enjoyed by the world’s most discerning palates.