XIU Fine Cantonese Dining’s Christmas Meals


Promotion: November 30, 2018 - January 7, 2019 (27 days left)

The Christmas season is a time of great cheer and merry get-togethers with friends and loved ones.

Gather round and feast on XIÙ Christmas offerings this holiday season.  With two distinct menus to choose from, finding the perfect Christmas meal won’t be a hard task. Each set has 9 courses, all ending with a delectable dessert.


Set A starts off with skinned and carved Peking duck served with Chinese pancakes, julienned cucumber, and housemade sauce. The prelude is followed up with the luscious Duck bone soup. For the mains, tickle your taste buds with: Wok-fried squid in belacan sauce; Hot prawn salad; Braised local abalone with mushroom and lettuce; Steamed lapu-lapu, Traditional Style; and the special off-menu dish Braised pork belly with muy choi and served with fresh steamed buns. Don’t forget to pace yourself and leave space in your tummies to enjoy the rich flavors of Wok-fried crab with vermicelli in cream sauce. 


Assorted specialties platter

Wok-fried prawns in XO sauce

US beef short ribs in black pepper sauce

Steamed crab with glutinous rice

Set B kicks off the feast with an Assorted specialties platter. The appetizer is followed by Shark’s fin soup with crab meat. For the main course, enjoy the following old and new favorites: zesty Wok-fried prawns with XO sauce; hearty and tasty Deep fried mashed taro with duck; flavorsome Braised fish maw and sea cucumber with meat balls in clay pot; fresh and healthy Steamed lapu-lapu with spring onion; fiery US beef short ribs in black pepper sauce; and last but not the least, the classic and all-time favorite Steamed crab with glutinous rice. 

Both sets are capped off with a sweet treat as a fitting ending to a satisfying feast.

XIÙ is promising a great deal, great food, and great ambiance. All that’s needed is you and your loved ones having the greatest time. 

For reservation and inquiries, please call 650 7189  / 650 8428 /  0947 707 0228 or email at xiu.cantonesedining@gmail.com.

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