Anne Arcenas-Gonzalez

Anne Arcenas-Gonzalez

Distributing cool and comfortable flip flops in the tropics where equatorial dressing is key and beachside frolicking is a favourite pastime was a business opportunity just waiting to happen. So Anne made it happen and is now recognised by the Brazil-based mother company of Havaianas as one of its top international distributors. Thirteen years and 200 employees later, she is the President of Terry S.A. Inc., an established Filipino fashion and lifestyle retail distribution company. Besides Havaianas, it handles other brands and has presence in three countries. Her store, CommonThread, which is available in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore, offers a mix of Filipino and established global brands. Her home grown brand, Thread 365, is a line of basic tees she proudly started from scratch. She recently invested in St. Frank, a San Francisco-based store that sells textiles and accessories from all over the world and economically empowers the communities that make them.

What drives her: The challenge to sustain and continuously reinvent what she has created, such as her current social projects that involve recycling.

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