Carla Yeung-McKowen

Carla Yeung-McKowen

The Chairwoman and President of Modine Inc., an investment company specialising in the F&B industry got the city (and Manila’s foodie scene included) in a hype over her recently opened restaurant and cocktail lounge, The Pig & Palm, which focuses on bringing local produce into the international spotlight. Her partners, Jason and Ihra Atherton, hold several Michelin stars from around the world and call this project their labour of love for the Filipino community.

At 36, this high-profile Cebuana is also the Director and Treasurer of MSY Holdings Corporation, which heads a group of real estate companies and the luxury Kandaya Resort. She is Director of MSY Charitable Foundation, Inc., which provides medical, educational and development programs for children in need, particularly those with facial deformities, cleft lips and palettes through the assistance of Operation Smile.

Her passion: Anything that revolves around problem solving.

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