Charisse Abalos-Vargas

Charisse Abalos-Vargas

Charisse follows in the footsteps of her father, Mayor “Benhur,” when it comes to politics, but she is her own woman in every right. Serving as City Councilor of the 1st District of Mandaluyong City for the second term now (and both times elected number one in the ballots), Charisse spearheads programs which alleviate poverty and promote a sustainable way of life. Her initiative to set up the Tiger City Negosyo Centre, which functions as a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, benefits a growing economy that doesn’t end at the city’s borders. Charisse’s good will, paired with business acumen (not to mention an authentic charm and polished fashion sense), constantly wins her votes well beyond her political career.

What motivates her: Results are her biggest motivator. Mandaluyong is her source of pride; she’s seen it grow from a municipality to the thriving city it is now.

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