Cheryl Tiu

Cheryl Tiu

Where to begin? Such an accomplished young lady requires more space but to get on a roll, Cheryl is Editor at Large of Lifestyle Asia; a columnist at Philippine Star and Forbes Life USA/ She writes for CNN Travel and Michelin Singapore, the first Michelin lifestyle digital platform in Asia. In November 2014, she authored the first Wallpaper* City Guide for Manila and is a World’s 50 Best Restaurants Tastemaker. She was a recent judge on Singapore’s newest show, Eat List Star. Cher, as she’s fondly called, clearly enjoys food, travel and the media hustle; as such, last year she founded Cross Cultures, an events platform under her website,, on the premise that food was one of the most accessible ways of exchanging cultures. Her blog,, is a passion project that she squeezes in between deadlines!

What drives her: Wanting to be able to make a difference in this world –whether big or small. Two things she cannot tolerate are prejudice and racism, hence her Cross Cultures.

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