Pie Alvarez

Pie Alvarez

It seems like there is nothing that this woman can’t do. When Pie Alvarez puts her mind to something, she gets it done. At the age of 21, right after college, Pie ran for Mayor and never looked back. One of the country’s youngest politicians, as the Mayor of San Vicente, Palawan, she has been growing and evolving, becoming even more impressive as the years go by. To explore another passion of hers, this time indulging her business savvy and stylish side, Pie dove straight into the fashion industry. At the age of 28, she challenged herself yet again as she launched the high-end retail brand, LCP [Love, Candy Pie], where one can seek unique fashion finds and playful jewellery. Time management, focus and perseverance are key to her success as she divides her time between Manila and Palawan.

Secret to success: Organisation and passion.

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