Zaki Delgado

Zaki Delgado

Taking up Computer Science from Harvard University and complementing the degree with an MBA from INSEAD France and Singapore, Zaki holds the position of Chief Innovation & Information Officer at the 40-year-old Transnational Diversified Group. A long list of roles follows: he is the President of TDG Ventures, Managing Director of TDG Orion China, Director of American Express Transnational, and Director of Transnational E-Business Solutions. As the President of Transnational eGlobal, Inc., Zaki ushers the family business into the digital world with e-commerce efforts. Spearheading the establishment of the first Philippine-based online travel site,, Zaki also leads the way for countless Filipinos to partake of an exalting expedition around the world.

His passion: Travel and e-commerce.

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