Abba Napa

Abba Napa

The last couple of years have been a whirlwind of churning out 360-degree restaurant and bar concepts for The Moment Group (TMG). “Creating a restaurant from your imagination and bringing it to life is an amazing thing to do because it is extremely challenging what with all the moving parts—from the creation of the menu, to the design of the atmosphere, to the development of the service style and how they are to all weave together instinctively,” shares TMG’s co-founder and Creative Director. Their hip and yummy portfolio includes Din Tai Fung and homegrown concepts like Cue, 8Cuts, Phát Pho, Ooma, Mecha Uma, and Bank Bar. “There is an enormous high I get from turning an empty space into something people want to go to and spend their time in, somewhere they want to celebrate with friends and family,” shares Abba. For the restaurateur, it’s been more like one holiday and half a dozen restaurants at a time, thus as far as plans go, she shares, “I am hoping I can try for half a dozen holidays and one restaurant this year!”

Her legacy: The TMG dining dynasty. “One day in the far off future, when people look back at the evolution of the dining scene in our country, it would be amazing if they thought that TMG was able to play a notable part in uplifting it.”

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