Jacques Christophe Branellec

Jacques Christophe Branellec

As Jewelmer Joaillerie’s EVP and Deputy CEO, the French-Filipino remains focused on steering the luxury jewellery brand’s growth and sustainability initiatives with the Save Palawan Seas Foundation, which provide alternative livelihood programs for rural coastal communities. In this light, the achiever was recently promoted to Captain of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary 402nd Squadron to safeguard the nation's marine and coastal resources. Of Jewelmer, (which has presence in France, Japan, the US and the South Americas) he says, “What we have achieved collectively as a team has surpassed all expectations.” This year, he is set to marry Generation T alumna, Mia Arcenas, of which, he says, “I am looking forward to the beginning of an amazing new chapter with my better half.”

His legacy: One of humility and gratitude. “As I was always told growing up, in life, we have no rights but merely obligations.”

Jacques Branellec also features on the Generation T List 2018

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